Princes Tuna in SPRING WATER 6 pack £1.25 @ Tesco instore

Princes Tuna in SPRING WATER 6 pack £1.25 @ Tesco instore

LocalFound 14th FebEdited by:"deewbee"
saw this on top of shelve in Tesco Extra with no price, took it to self scan and it scanned at £1.25 for a pack of 6 tins, bought a 6 month supply !
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should have said this was in Airdrie Tesco Extra, right on top of shelve
Good spot, thanks.
Where they keep the stock ready to split open and fill the shelves ?
says 1.50 each online so does not really make sense

don't appear to sell 6 packs at all…una
not showing 6 pack online, it was on top shelve, not right up where the spare stock is, about 8 packs left
Great for cats because they don't contain salt. Only place I know where you can get similar (but sardines) in spring water is Sainsburys. So thanks - I'll check this out when next in Tesco
And a big thanks from us:

Edited by: "StephenAbut" 14th Feb
Go on how much is a 6 month supply?
wrong website.. goes to tesco direct.

not that it matters,cause it wont be on any website
Cheers mate, got a few packs in Belfast.

As you said - up on the top shelf and no price SEL on the rack at all for the "Big Family" 6 pack.

But went through @ £1.25

Thanks for taking the time to post.
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