Princes Tuna Singles now 59p @ Morrisons

Princes Tuna Singles now 59p @ Morrisons

Found 11th Jan 2010
Just seen this advertised on the TV whilst watching hollyoaks. Quite a good deal!
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Thanks, been looking for cheap tuna :-D
This deal seems a bit fishy to me

This deal seems a bit fishy to me

boom boom
good price. must laugh though oh saw the ad last night and then came out with "how ever much does tuna cost then?". he has no idea, sent him to supermarket before xmas for 1 packet of butter and he called me to ask which one to get as he couldnt see the cheap 20p a pack stuff!!!! obviously hasnt bought butter since the nineties. :-D
£5 for pack of 10 in Asda :thumbsup: (same Tuna).…0-t Posted last week. Picked some up today.
Very good some today
Good deal, but Co-op, Tesco and others were doing them at 50p each at one time or another at the back end of last year.

I stocked up, but you never know with food prices going up and down, so good deal from me :-)
farm foods do they for 4 for £2
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