Princess wild red salmon 213g £1 at Morrisons

Princess wild red salmon 213g £1 at Morrisons

Found 10th Jun 2008
As the title says Princess wild red salmon a 213g size tin normally about £2.13 i think now only £1 this is another of morrisons great better than half price deals on at the moment they also have tinned tuna on offer not sure of brand or size but it was in the better than half price offers at 59p. Really worth a trip to your local Morrisons and if you have the £5 of £30 spend coupons out the sun from a few weeks ago even better.
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Total rip off.

Jus' sayin'.
are you sure its not princes unless your talking about a alternative version i dont know about
Somerfield have the wild variety regularly reduced. Not really a special deal at all.
i agree - not that special
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