Pringles 155g Tube 65p!!! @ Sainsburys

Pringles 155g Tube 65p!!! @ Sainsburys

Found 4th Jun 2009Made hot 4th Jun 2009
Get a them before they GO!!!!


How Much???????????

got one of these earlier. TONNES on display

thats better now its a hot deal could do with some of them now to watch big b

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Went for the coffee on an earlier thread. That was false. Came across the pringles and got LOADS!!!

I didn't see anything about these in our Sainsbury's this evening!

Yep, 65p. Didn't plan to buy one of these, but it jumped into my trolley... :whistling:

These have been like 73/79p (not sure which) for like the last year in ASDA!
Still hot though!

Yep, was in Sainsbury's today and couldn't help but buy a tube. I got Lime and Chilli, quite nice.

They had plenty left, of all flavours. This was at Cromwell Road in London.

are these the the full size tubes if so top deal !!!!!

full sized tubes when i saw them, but they are full of chemicals and salt as they taste too good to be healthy,

Just big Sainsburys or at the Local too?

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This was at the Sheffield Crystal Peaks store (superstore). I'm in town later today and will check the smaller shop. :thumbsup:

the rice ones included in the offer?

one word.... obesity

got to get them stock up......hopefully not stock up on my belly ;-p


one word.... obesity

agreed, and tonnes of e-numbers. A good deal, if you can look past the contents label.

155g? They used to be 200g................robbers!

nice deal

I miss hot and spicey Pringles. They don't seem to sell them anywhere any more.

Great deal. Good to stock up on your summer bbqs etc.

There Loads In Strand Road Derry Nice

Haha, get them while you can!

Looks like Proctor & Gamble has been dodging the Tax man and now has to pay it's tax bill of £100 million for past VAT bill and £20 million a year in the future. :giggle:

Don't think we'll be seeing them this cheap again for awhile!…tml

worryingly, only they're only 42% potato!


got it...


agreed, and tonnes of e-numbers. A good deal, if you can look past the … agreed, and tonnes of e-numbers. A good deal, if you can look past the contents label.

But you can't tell that a certain chemical is bad just because it's an e-number. Vitamin C is an e-number after all. Don't get me wrong, it's likely that these contain unhealthy chemicals, but you don't really know the effects of these just by looking at the label unless you're an expert.


one word.... obesity

You could copy and paste that for 90% off the foods on offer on here. Plus people who eat s**t food don't always end up obese some people just get really unhealthy and most people aren't stupid enough to go mental with these foods and eat them as part of a balanced diet which is perfectly acceptable.
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