Print the good parts of any web page Free @ Print what you like
Print the good parts of any web page Free @ Print what you like

Print the good parts of any web page Free @ Print what you like

PrintWhatYouLike lets you print the good parts of any web page while skipping ads and other junk.

PrintWhatYouLike works best on Firefox, IE7+, Safari, Chrome, or Opera.


quite good

I've been using it for years - definitely recommended. You can also use it to fix some of the awful page formatting that's out there (e.g. black text on a dark blue background, text too small to read etc.) even if you don't want to print it.
Plus you can delete or rescale images to a sensible size so you don't waste all your precious ink on stuff the page's author thinks is great - but isn't really.

looks good thanks

Thanks :-D

Smart and thanks

Brilliant thanks, now I wish I had thought if that idea!, hate having to waste ink of stuff you don't need!.

thank you,


love it bookmarklet added

Very useful, thankyou!

Very good.
Could come in handy with some pages online to print, and to avoid paper wastage


Thanks for posting op. Looks like something I've been needing for ages. Heat added x



Very useful, thankyou!

do ya have a reservation?


do ya have a reservation?

Of course I have a reservation!
For a minute there I wondered what you meant, but then I got it lol!

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Printliminator is another … Printliminator is another alternative:http://css-tricks.com/examples/ThePrintliminator

Thanks gone for Printlimiter and just watched the flash player for ease of use. Had the other one before but didn't really gel or understand it. Cheers!

Useful. Thanks.

excellent find. this is probably one of the most useful websites i have every come across!

great find, very useful, bookmarked and heat added

Nice one

thanks i have needed something like this for a while

Thank you.

Heat added for this one i hate adverts when im going to print, recently booked a flight with flybe and it printed off 4 pages and it had to print off all their banner adverts as even trying to copy and paste the selected text wasnt working for me i have to show the official page to the desk


Cheers OP...never knew about this, but looks a very handy app.


Or just use adblock so you don't see the annoying ads at all, let alone have to print them.

Or you know take 2 minutes and use paint.

Looks good. Bookmarked.
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