Printable Ridisc Ritek **Dual Layer**(2.4x) - 70p each delivered or less !!
Printable Ridisc Ritek **Dual Layer**(2.4x) - 70p each delivered or less !!

Printable Ridisc Ritek **Dual Layer**(2.4x) - 70p each delivered or less !!

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£5.96 for a pack of 10 + postage - the last time I bought these I paid £13 for a pack of 10 + postage.

Postage is expensive (from £1.75 to £6ish - depending on how many discs you buy), but I've just bought 60 discs, including postage for £41.97. That works out at 70p each.

New Inkjet Printable Max Storage Data 8.4Gb Max Storage Time 240 min

Notes DVD+R DL High performance DVD+R Double Layer recordable media. Up to 2.4x compatible. Ideal for Data, Video and Audio Recording. 8.5GB Double layer DVD recordable 120mins Double Layer DVD+R Compatibility Chart DVD Player Read DVD-ROM Drive Read DVD-R Reader / Recorder Read DVD-RAM / DVD-R Drive Read DVD-RW Drive (DL) / Recorder Read / Write DVD+RW Drive (DL) / Recorder Read / Write Recording Video to Double Layer DVD+R HQ (High Quality) 120 min SP (Standard Play) 240 min LP (Long play) 360 min EP (Extended play) 480 min LP (Suoer long play) 720min** SEP (Super Extended play) 960min** **Drive / Recorder Dependent


Erm I don't know where you usually buy your discs but I never pay any more than 30p a disc.

2.4x??? Jeez you'll be there all day burning them! You should be aiming for 8X at a minimum now although the last few batches of discs I have bought have all been 16x.

If you are paying more than £7 for 25 then you are being ripped off. There are plenty of places online and even the likes of pcworld, tesco, asda have better offers than this.


These are DUAL LAYER, are you sure you're comparing like with like?

DazJWood, read the post again :-)

sorry, where do you get 25 dual layer dvds for £7. please post

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@DiazJWood, looks like you are confused mate.

These are dual layer discs - Ritek - 8.4GB, not the cheaper 4.7GB single layer discs you would generally use for backup.

Ideal for XBOX360 backups !!


Last time I bought from these guys postage was a whopping £6.00. Little did I know that they add VAT on top of that which actually made it over £7!

Never used them since.

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@Crackerjack - I agree, but the discs are very cheap compared to other sites, e.g. SVP sells the same discs for £1.20 each (ish), and you still have the postage.

Hence if you are considering buying a few tubs, the UKDVDR price is very good, even with the high postage charged.


Cheers. These are the business for the 360.....:thumbsup:

You might want to check the quality of these before ordering them.


Look in the 3rd class section and you will find these discs.

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Interesting website - and I'm surprised to find these discs in the 3rd class section.

I have personally burnt 20 to 30 of these DVD+R DL discs (at the higher price), and haven't had a single failure or problem playing anything back on 3 or 4 different DVD Players or my XBOX 360.

I can only comment on my experience....


Ooops!!!! Sorry!!!!!!!!

I was reading these as single layer discs.

This is a fairly good deal then!!! :oops:

Yeh, not a bad deal, but I'd say only use these if you really need to, e.g. xbox backups or files larger than 4.7gb. For normal use, stick with normal single layer dvds - they're about 7 times cheaper!

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Agree with you fully - using them for small dvdrips would be a waste of money - you can pick up reasonable single layer discs from about 15p each.


I bought some dual layered ones a few months back and they failed to work on my dvd player. You need to check the dye beforehand.

I think it is a safer bet to stick to single layer dvd-r which cost about 15p each.

Good info here. Thanks

I thought that only Verbatim+DL were suitable for Xbox360 backups:?
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