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Chessington World of Adventures Resort 2 for 1 entry on o2 priority moments + if booked for following months the price is £25.20
Found 28th Jun 2012Found 28th Jun 2012
o2 priority moments deal to Chessington World of Adventures Resort - 2 for 1 ticket and if booked for following months starting July the price is £25.20

I have searched priority moments and can't see it? Anyone know of any longleat deals?


Cold. 2 For 1's are everywhere. They are on nearly every own brand Tesco product. Anyone who doesn't get in using a 2 For 1 must be mad. They should just lower the price on the gate instead of artificially inflating it just to offer bogof vouchers.


My previous post was about Thorpe Park not Chessington


U just posted this

Thorpe Park 2 for 1 entry for o2 priority moments customers + if booked for following months starting July the price is £25.92 per adult
Found 28th Jun 2012Found 28th Jun 2012
o2 priority is doing a deal on Thorpe Park tickets - 2 for 1, additionally if tickets booked for following months starting July the price is £25.92 per adult.

But you cant use the 2 for 1 and book early at the cheaper rate... The 2 for 1 is only valid on the gate, and to get the reduced rate you have to book 7+ days in advance online


how do i book those tickets?


Looks good, thanks for posting kajola :)

Free Espadrilles from footasylum - o2 moments
Found 28th Jun 2012Found 28th Jun 2012
Hi All, Another little freebie from o2 through o2 moments. just pop into you local Footasylum and pick up a free pair of "genius madness espadrilles". Valid from the 28/6/12 to … Read more

And what do you expect Espadrilles to look like?


What a con. The app says there's 11 hours remaining on the offer. I've just rang their Liverpool One store and they confirmed they still have stock except according to their manager the offer finished at the weekend. I argued the toss but according to him the app is wrong and they won't be giving any more free ones away.


pretty sure that the Terms and Conditions do not say "when there gone, there gone" If they do then the company needs to fire its copywriter.


i couldnt find it in the app either


Even these are free, but I would never wear them they look douchebag.

£6 off when you spend £30 or more @ JJB Sports with O2 Priority Moments
Found 25th Jun 2012Found 25th Jun 2012
Instore only but this is a good deal from O2 as shopping in JJB can get a bit expensive sometimes.

been with 02 for over 20 years and did not know about priority thanks hot


Yer, not true, I'm in the West Midlands and mine still says it is valid. Will be going instore tomorrow to use actually.


It expires in 5 days ;)


No longer available, p moment expired on Sunday in west midlands


Ok cheers. BTW it hasn't.

Free Iced Drink at Caffe Nero with O2 Priority Moments
Found 25th Jun 2012Found 25th Jun 2012
I noticed via the O2 priority moments app that Caffe Nero are offering a free iced drink (Frappe Latte, Chocolate, Mocha, Milkshake or Fruit Booster) from 25th June to 22nd July 20… Read more
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Can someone give me an example off the code that comes up? It's just that my old brick (mentioned earlier) is now showing me a code, but it looks quite different from the usual screen that shows the voucher, so just want to make sure it's one I can use in the shop...


Hot deal, cold drink. Boom!


Does anyone else know how to get around the problem i'm having? I'm on o2 and recently signed up for Priority, and i only have wifi on my phone. I used the pizza hut offer by visiting the code on the website on my phone when i was in a wifi area, then kept the internet loaded on the code page when i went to pizza hut (and was without internet). Intended to do the same with this offer and various others (free lunches!), but have since downloaded the app. Now, the app doesn't stay on the code page once wifi is no longer accessible, so i attempted to view the webpage once more. But the webpage now says 'Oh you have the app, you have to re-register if you want to view online again'. So i tried, and tried, but no text with a link came through. Deleted the app, the internet still says i have the app and should re-register, but it wont send me the link. Any ideas? I am a techno-phobe, but am trying my best!


Just used mine for a caramel frappe, didn't take my code either so when I've finished shopping I'm gonna go to the other Caffe Nero branch and try a fruit booster.... Lol.


Unofrtunately need a smart phone for this one (I'm using my old backup 'brick'). Can't get the voucher off the site (O2 priority moments). Good deal though :)

O2 Priority moments round up
Found 23rd Jun 2012Found 23rd Jun 2012
Tesco Direct - Save 20% on the Fuji T350 Camera TasterLab - Half price membership at Open Fairways Golf Tesco Direct - Save £10 on your first shop Iglucruise.com - Med Cruise 14Nts… Read more
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I cant find this deal Very.co.uk - £15 off your first £30 spend Does it mean its gone?


Today I was lining for sandwiches in Upper Crust. Everyone was with a phone and nobody paid. Do o 2 pay those companies for all the stuff they give away for free? I did not feel very comfortable....


in store HMV they asked to see the network provider


strange its still working for me, ifits changing i'll get a PAYG free sim


Most of these deals offer generic codes rather than individually generated ones. On that basis; If an o2 customer shows the deal on the screen of their smartphone and takes a screenshot, they can then text or email the image to anybody they like. The recipient then shows this to the person in the shop / store and the deal is offered. We did this recently when I'd forgotten my iphone (o2) when going to Carluccio's for a 2-for-1 breakfast deal. I rang my wife and she emailed the image to my pal's phone and hey presto

O2 Moments. £5 off at Fopp. No minimum spend.
Found 23rd Jun 2012Found 23rd Jun 2012
On O2 Moments it appears they are giving away free £5 no mimum spend voucher at fopp
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Never heard of them.


Think this might be expired - can't find it on the o2 app :S


I go into the London one regularly, but it's not quite got the same alternative stuff and bargains that it used to, and I'm not sure about it selling electronics. Nonetheless, it's good to have the brand still about!


Brilliant, just hope it's still active on Monday!


find your nearest store... London 1 Earlham Street WC2H 9LL Cambridge 37 Sydney Street CB2 3HX Edinburgh 3-15 Rose Street EH2 2PR Glasgow 19-27 Union Street G1 3RB Glasgow 358 Byres Road G12 8AW Manchester 19 Brown Street M2 1DA Nottingham The Frontage Queen Street NG1 2BL Bristol 27-29 College Green BS1 5TD © 2008 Fopp.com Terms & Conditio

2 Weeks free rentals and bag of free popcorn for new sign-ups at Blockbuster @ O2 Priority
Found 23rd Jun 2012Found 23rd Jun 2012
For those of you who haven't come across this yet, and as I haven't seen it posted on the site, o2 customers can get 2 weeks of free rentals at Blockbuster (new customers only) and… Read more

Hmm, i'd missed this one. My son has been bugging me to sign up so he can rent the occasional games, so although games aren't included it may be worth it as this is a nice little bonus for me as well.

Free panini/baguette and fizzy drink, water or coffee from Delice de France on O2 Priority Moments
Found 23rd Jun 2012Found 23rd Jun 2012
As per the description. If you're still hungry after the Upper Crust Freebie, Delice de France are doing the same deal. Just got a Brie, bacon and spinach panini, which was lovely.

got a nice free lunch at the glasgow central station one on friday :)


Very few locations... but good for people living in or traveling to London, so heat given. Store locations

£10 off fragrance shop with o2 moments no min spend
Found 23rd Jun 2012Found 23rd Jun 2012
on o2 moments theres a £10 of at fragrance store no min spend, says if less then £10 no change will be given

Ealing broadway store insisted that it couldn't be used on discounted items.... last day aswell soooo major bummer. Think they shudn't be tight like that when O2 are going to refund them either way.


Yup i think so... today is the last day for this one


is this valid today still? 29th june


just got a 50ml ed hardy aftershave and free bag for £10


nice one

£5 off at HMV with priority moments - no minimum spend!
Found 22nd Jun 2012Found 22nd Jun 2012
Found this new offer on the priority moments app though doesn't seem (as so many of the good ones!) to be available online. £5 off your shop at HMV, no minimum spend mentioned in t… Read more
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Yeah I have lost the voucher too... but hopefully they will accept a screen grab... you never know! Worth a shot I guess :p


I have one of these vouchers saved (i.e. not yet activated) in the Priority Moments Android app but whenever I tap "use it now" I just get a "check your network connection" error even though my network connection is fine. This also happened on another Android phone when trying to use the Pizza Hut 99p voucher. Looks like O2 have pulled any saved vouchers but in a very clumsy way. Fortunately the staff in the HMV shop (well, shops!) I tried it in just gave me the benefit of the doubt anyway when I showed them the screen.


I said that three posts back. I guess the guy you replied to doesn't read. ;)


Screen grabs are static - HMV staff have been told to check for moving dots on screen to stop this happening


Anybody actually screen grab the pic as I forgot to and my codes expired would be nice if somebody did

FREE sandwich and a drink at Uppercrust on O2 priority moments
Found 21st Jun 2012Found 21st Jun 2012
First post.... If you have the O2 PRIORTY MOMENTS APP or can access it online ( http://www.o2priority.co.uk/moments ) then read on: Free lunch and a drink (11am - 3pm). Only on O… Read more
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Used this on Sunday at Liverpool St Station, but not without having to fight for it. Went to the counter and asked to redeem the offer. I was told that the manager of that branch had decided to not run the offer on Sundays. I argued that the offer clearly stated available every day, but they insisted that it was their manager's instruction and they couldn't do anything about it. I insisted that it's poor form to participate in an offer, but then start applying arbitrary rules about when it's available, contrary to the terms of the offer. I asked to speak to the manager, who, unsurprisingly wasn't working that day, so they had to call him at home (tough luck). While they were off calling him, five more people showed up wanting to use the offer, and, a minute later the offer suddenly was made available, albeit begrudgingly – group pressure maybe? It's shame that I had to be a bit of a dick to convince them to honour the offer. What I didn't understand was why choose Sunday to not run the offer? Surely Liverpool St is far busier during weekdays, and more customers are likely to want to redeem? I kind of got the feeling if I'd gone there on Saturday, I would have been told 'Sorry, our manager has decided to not run the offer on Saturdays...'. Poor form.


or you can use the lift to access the platforms, bypassing the barriers :)


Just ask for a free platform pass. That's what i do at new street


Any way of reedeming this if my local Upper Crust is behind a barrier at a train station... I don't want to go anywhere....


just got another ham and cheese baguette and orangina drink yum yum! lol

Any chart paperback book £2.99 instore @ WHSmith with o2 Priority
Found 13th Jun 2012Found 13th Jun 2012
Any chart paperback only £2.99 until 17th June with o2 priority. Redeem offer in usual way and show to cashier instore

I think they are unique codes I just used mine in store no problem and saved £5. Was it definitely a chart book you chose?


Went this morning, code didn't work are they different on different days? Code was 34586754

O2 priority moments FREE tea or coffee
Found 2nd Jun 2012Found 2nd Jun 2012
This seems to of just come up on O2 moments just go into Debenhams, show them the code and get a free tea or coffee
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hmm...more reasons to join O2 ;)


I think it is a generic code as my wife has the same code as me.


http://www.damnyouautocorrect.com/category/best-of-dyac/ --edit-- not always safe for work!


free cup thanks


A free cuppa.... WOW! Thanks O2 :p

Free pair of Union Jack flip flops from O2 Priority Moments
Found 31st May 2012Found 31st May 2012
As title, get a free pair of flip flops from BHS. Free via O2 Priority Moments. Register for free and is for o2 customers only.

Union Jack flag doesn't mean you're English - it's not an England flag.


No luck in Chelmsford. All gone by Saturday 2/6. Was told no more deliveries. Its a one off !!


Cheers loads in BHS denton :D


Rinsed a few pairs the other day.... Price tag says £5.00 in BHS! Rubbish quality - LMAO Probably made by some poor c*nt in the far east, on 50p/hour


That's not true, the official commemorative plates are definitely made in Stoke-On-Trent at the very least. You might have noticed the reason that bunting is made in China is because it's cheaper and people don't want to pay a lot of money for things like bunting. I can't quite work out why you think the country has become a disgrace though, I'm assuming it's not because you care about poorly paid workers in other countries though. I'm sure you're guilty of buying products made on the cheap in other countries. Does that make you a hypocrite?

Free underarm wax at Dove Spa using o2 Priority Moments
Found 30th May 2012Found 30th May 2012
o2 customers can recieve a free underarm wax at their nearest Dove Spa. I found this on the o2 Priority app! apparently it expires in 1 week, but sometimes it isnt right.
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I found it on the o2 Priority App, so you will need to be a o2 customer


Do you have a direct link to this offer Op?, please (I dont see it on the website) Thanks


nearest one is miles away from me :(


I cant see this on?

free £30 off a minimum £90 spend free delivery  @ Ocado - 02 customers only code needed
Found 25th Apr 2012Found 25th Apr 2012
i thought this is a good deal... spend £90 and only pay £60 for 02 customers.. get a free sim card from 02 worked for me!! How: O2 customers aged 16+ can get £30 off £90 at Ocado … Read more
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I used both my codes in the end, £60 off a £180 shop... no shopping now for a month lol


got £30 off £80 in the end!... £10 item got cancelled... good delivery


Argh I would have loved that! Darn missed it!!


will pm you now


Look I would love it x

Free 6 minutes tanning @ The Tanning Shop using o2 Priority Moments
Found 24th Apr 2012Found 24th Apr 2012
Get a gorgeous looking tan for the new year! Congratulations 02 customer! You are entitled to FREE 6 minute UV Tanning at The Tanning Shop. Simply download the Priority moments a… Read more
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Bloody hell, great results! picture of me in the shop wi' my hommies and the owner... [img]http://t0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQqryaQ2E7FY28WwgYopwH7oHxjCHBqUtsx1Bb5RmTVpNq2tmmwYQ[/img]


can I tan my afro... ? cold


What a strange freebie for o2 to offer....


6 minutes? I'd struggle to get my goggles on in that time!


If people want to look like Jaffa Oranges and get skin cancer in 5 years, it's up to them

O2 Priority app - Free Trebor Gum Spearmint or Peppermint @ Co-Op
Found 13th Apr 2012Found 13th Apr 2012
Spotted on the O2 priority moments app, today only (Fri 13th) a free Trebor gum at any Co-Op. Possibly will be on other days too as it was on on Wednesday too! I'll be hitting 4 … Read more



I saw on the barcode voucher they scan it said valid until the 17th, so I expect that the offer will be renewed everyday until then


Awww LOL. Thanks OP for sharing :)


thanks OP, i'll be passing a co-op today so will pop in and get my freebie.


Mate if your that hard up that you would actively visit 4 or more co-op branches for free chewing gum that probably total £1, I will gladly give you the money myself. Do you not feel like your life could have turned out better?

Free National Express Bus Travel to the Grand National for you and a friend Via o2 Prioity Moments
Found 2nd Apr 2012Found 2nd Apr 2012
not sure if this has been previously posted but couldn't find anything not sure all of the locations but but it states pick up at Leeds Coach station. but states i can use at Notti… Read more

The Grand National at Ainstree http://www.nationalexpress.com/o2free try this!!


which Grand National? Rugby League? link didn't take me to the page

Free Regular Latte, Cappucino, Americano, Hot Chocolate or Tea from Caffe Nero with o2 Priority Moments
Found 19th Mar 2012Found 19th Mar 2012
Enjoy a regular size Latte, Cappucino, Americano, Hot Chocolate or Tea from Caffe Nero between 19/03/2012 - 01/04/2012. One drink per customer. Offer excludes any extras. Move t… Read more

I walked into my local branch yesterday and the Barista said that this offer is no longer accepted. :(


got it thanks :D


Nope, different codes, mine ends 82


I'm not on o2. How do I participate?


Ok Chai Latte isnt part of the deal. Got a mocha instead. And the barista didnt even look at my phone !

o2 priority moments offer spend £25 or more in accessorize and they will give you a £10 accessorize voucher
Found 16th Mar 2012Found 16th Mar 2012
O2 priority moments offer Spend £25 in accessorize and you get a £10 voucher Thought this was a good offer T&c from website Accessorize - Exclusive! - £10 voucher when you… Read more

Used this today with a sale item made the value up to £25 and was given a £10 voucher to spend between the 7/5/2012 and 31/5/2012.

40% off adult tickets @ Odeon with o2 priority moments
Found 16th Mar 2012Found 16th Mar 2012
Sorry if this has already been posted but I can't find it! Using priority moments you can get 40% off an adult ticket at Odeon. Price varies cinema to cinema. Lets hope this is… Read more
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Yep, stupidly tried to redeem yesterday against Avengers and didn't spot this in the T&C first time around. :(


Trouble is there are so many term and conditions this offer isn't as good as it seems...


got the code shame I can't use it for the film we want to see (should have read terms and conditions first )


This promotion is not valid for the following performance: The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists and The Avengers (any date), The Hunger Games (before 6th April 2012), Wrath of the Titans (before 13th April 2012), or Battleship (before 25th April 2012). What a joke...


I can confirm this is working online now. Bug, fixed! No need for a smart phone with the app, log into priority moments and redeem. A text ticket is sent to your phone

£10 HMV gift card for every £30 spent instore using o2 Priority Moments
Found 16th Mar 2012Found 16th Mar 2012
You can get a £10 voucher for every £30 spent at HMV just by using o2 Priority and showing them the code from your phone in store. The T's & C's: This offer if limited to one… Read more
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Yep can confirm - bought Bose headphones £279 and got £90 gift card back !


just typical they do this 2 days after i left but i guess not a major loss as hmv are really expensive - even with my 3 livingsocial vouchers i paid £30 for £60 worth of items at hmv - it was hardly any cheaper than amazon, etc! still i bought xboxlive and 800 fifa point for £40 and mario kart 3ds for £35, so £75 but effectively cost me £45 - so saved about £15-20 on amazon, etc


Great deal - used it in the Reading store


Works with PAYG, just need to register for Priority Moments(google it from handset).


Err not quite, last time they had the £5 off £20 it said one per transaction and they were giving multiple ones per transaction, even taking it off the transaction rather than giftcard....

£30 off a £90 spend at Ocado.com with O2 priority Moments
Found 16th Mar 2012Found 16th Mar 2012
Spend £90 at Ocado.com and receive a £30 discount with O2 Priority Moments. Excludes tobacco, stamps and infant formula. Looks like its new and existing customers. Vaild from 15/0… Read more
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Hi Please can some kind person help me out by sending me a code as I'm an O2 customer but can't get the app to work. I'd so much appreciate it. Many thanks!


All you greedy consumerists.


Is this back on? http://www.bitterwallet.com/deals-of-the-day-thursday-26th-april/55867


Each code was unique.


Would be great to use the Ocado code but they have removed it off priority moments!!! Anybody know what the code was please.

Free pint of beer for o2 mobile phone customers - nationwide
Found 25th Feb 2012Found 25th Feb 2012
Anybody that has an o2 mobile phone number (to receive a promotional text) and registers for o2 priority moments, can claim a free pint of Greene King beer from any local participa… Read more
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took a little bit of digging but found this and the care package one with pies :) heat added




Can't find it on the site!


Forgot to add, it's a free pint on every day that England are in action

Free Galaxy Bubbles Orange, 31g from your nearest Co-operative Food store with O2 Priority Moments
LocalLocalFound 7th Feb 2012Found 7th Feb 2012
Morning All, just spotted on my 02 priority moments app that they are giving everyone some Chocolate. Have written this on my phone so apologies for the state of this post! Here ar… Read more
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What?! I went in there today and they said it was a scam and didnt give me one :(


The offer is still on. It gets refreshed on the app every day. Just been into the Co-op and let them know that they're supposed to have this barcode card by the till.


can't believe i missed this offer, only found one bar so looking for more 'cos they're soooo delicious judy


They are supposed to have cards with a bar code on behind the till, a bit similar to BHS with the Xmas card deal, though a couple put it through as a manual voucher, and a couple just said take them. You sound like you have a really poor manager at your local.


Went the Co-op last night and they were completely dumb struck with this voucher and didn't have a clue how to put it through the till or even whether their particular branch were participating in the deal (obviously we all know it's nationwide). The girl on the till got her manager out the back and she didn't have a scooby doo either. Her words were "If you leave your details and come back tomorrow I might be able to let you have it then. Otherwise I can't let you walk out of the shop with a chocolate bar without paying for it." Looking at the wider picture it's obviously a training issue as the message isn't filtering down from above. FAO those who've had success with the deal. How did they put it through the till?

Free pint and pies delivered courtesy of O2 again
Found 26th Jan 2012Found 26th Jan 2012
PieministerGreene King Pies and beer on us You bring the passion. We’ll bring the pies and beer. Straight to your door. The pack includes two pies (one meat, one veg) and two bee… Read more
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Yes I have. It wont let me order another pack today, was hoping for a third (yes it's greedy, but c'mon; pies and beer!)


Anyone done this via a computer and not on a phone? My Blackberry won't access it...


Pack out for delivery :D


you plank :)


I never ordered another sim X)

£5 off your food bill at chiquitos, no minimum spend!!!! [Requires O2 priority moments]
LocalLocalFound 26th Jan 2012Found 26th Jan 2012
Monday - Thursdays, get £5 off your food bill at chiquitos using the o2 priority moments app. T&C's don't stipulate a minimum spend or that you have to buy any mains etc... so … Read more

One of the abosulute worst restaurants for food quality in the UK. I can't believe they are still in business.


Or, you could save ALL your money and not go at all! Crap place!


can i have some food that is not pre packaged and reheated please?


Worth a try lol :D


Drinks 'Can I have the bill please' Starters 'Can I have the bill please' Mains 'Can I have the bill please' Sweets 'Can I have the bill please' Can I have £20 please?!?

FOR O2 Customers at BHS £5 OFF a £25 spend in-store (and also at WWW.BHS.CO.UK)
Found 7th Jan 2012Found 7th Jan 2012
Minimum Spend: £25.00 Voucher Code: OBTAINED FROM O2 PRIORITY Expiry: 31/01/2012 Instructions Register your O2 number at http://o2priority.co.uk/Moments Offer is under the SHOPPIN… Read more

Hot from me and BHS have some good stuff in the sale at moment.


Forgot to add, if you don't have an O2 sim but you have an unlocked phone just order a free O2 sim e.g. http://freesim.o2.co.uk/freesims Once you have the SIM you can register with O2 priority using the supplied mobile number on the sim card. ;) Then put the SIM into your unlocked phone to receive the texts. :D I have a cheap spare mobile phone I use for this purpose.

FOR O2 customers £5 HOTEL CHOCOLAT voucher when spending £25 in Hotel Chocolat store
Found 7th Jan 2012Found 7th Jan 2012
Register your O2 number at http://o2priority.co.uk/Moments Offer is under the SHOPPING section. Select REDEEM and it will send a text message to your mobile , show the message in … Read more

Forgot to add, if you don't have an O2 sim but you have an unlocked phone just order a free O2 sim e.g. http://freesim.o2.co.uk/freesims Once you have the SIM you can register with O2 priority using the supplied mobile number on the sim card. Then put the SIM into your unlocked phone to receive the texts. I have a cheap spare mobile phone I use for this purpose.


Hello Paul I agree with you, I posted this in Vouchers originally and someone else has moved it here. Out of my control I am afraid. Regards :D


Not a freebie

Free pack of Christmas Cards - No purchase Required - O2 Priority Moments @ BHS Instore
Found 22nd Nov 2011Found 22nd Nov 2011
Participating stores. 1 per customer and cannot be used online. Voucher through iphone or similar app
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Currently on 81 cards! the santa and Reindeer ones are my favourite! Think i'll be sorted for christmas cards for the next 2 years! Feel a little bit bad for taking advantage but.....


Haha i was wondering whether you could get more cos you just show phone and you get them.. i think i'm gonna go back in :P


Got 25 cards for £0, should've been £3.50, will go back in tomorrow ;) this is brilliant thanks


Thanks,love that you can choose any pack too!


Oh wow didnt think it'd be like that, thought they've have some cheap tiny cards just for this offer haha, thanks will go in tomorrow :)

Free Hot Drink, Mince Pie and I Paper at Strada or Cafe Rouge with O2Priority Moments/Giffgaff
Found 18th Nov 2011Found 18th Nov 2011
O2 Priority Moments are offering totally free (you do not need to order anything more) hot drink and a mince pie. Also there is no one time limit. I went to 2 different Stradas. I … Read more

Im with 02 but my phone no good online so i put the app and activated it on my ipod touch would it ok to show them the screen shot on my ipod to get my offers? thanks


I've used this twice already, it's a great freebie!


Had mine yesterday at Strada - lovely!!


I think it's more accurate to say can be made with beef suet. Maybe that's how they are traditionally made, but I can't say I've ever seen any in major shops that aren't vegetarian. And that goes for the branded, value range, standard range and special range in all the major supermarkets. Plus I had to make a load for a cafe and their recipe was vegetarian. So it's good to be vigilante, but the vast majority of mince pies are vegetarian.


Excellent find, thanks!

Get a £15 voucher if you spend £40 @ House of Fraser via O2 Priority Moments
Found 8th Nov 2011Found 8th Nov 2011
If you're an o2 customer and you spend £40 at House of Fraser you get a free £15 voucher that requires NO MINIMUM SPEND. So anything under £15 you get for FREE!! First you need t… Read more
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Would think you would need two separate codes, doesn't say anything in the terms. Maybe ring the store and check first before you go in?


Can you use the voucher code more than once? I have 2 reciepts both over £40, can I get 2 vouchers?


I've described it in the post above. If you click on the 'go to deal' button and scroll along the different retailers you should get to the House of Fraser one. Then enter in your o2 mobile number etc then they will give you a code. Purchase £40 worth of goods in-store (not too sure if you can do it online and take in your online receipt), take the code with you plus your House of Fraser receipt to the Buy and Collect Desk and they give you the voucher.


Can you elaborate on what happened exactly? Thanks.


Please can you tell me how to get the H.O.F voucher as i cant understand it..

free hot drink and mince pie @ cafe rouge or bella italia with o2 moments
Found 5th Nov 2011Found 5th Nov 2011
Free Hot drink and mince pie at cafe rouge or bella italia with o2 priority moments

O2 updated the app this morning on android market, so that maybe the problem


thanks op always good to get something for free


I have just checked priority moments and ther e is no icon for the above to redeem a code for this???? do you have the online link or is this on your phone only???? not showing on mine!!!! Thanks ;0)


me either .. :|


dunno why this is getting cold votes

O2 Priority Moments - £15 voucher for House of Fraser when you spend at least £40
Found 4th Nov 2011Found 4th Nov 2011
O2 customers that sign up for Priority moments can get a £15 House of Fraser voucher valid from 5 Dec to 31 Jan (no minimum spend when redeeming) if you get the House of Fraser Pri… Read more
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No it's correct - the £15 voucher is valid for spending between 5 Dec and 31 January, so you can't spend it right away but still plenty of time before Christmas or save it for the sales.


voucher valid from 5 Dec to 31 Jan ?? mistake???


Wow that's actually really good! I need to switch to O2 lol!


Sweet !! O2 are on a roll with these offers !

Pack Free Of BHS Christmas Cards via 02 Priority Moments App
Found 4th Nov 2011Found 4th Nov 2011
With o2 Priority moments you can redeem a free pack of christmas cards at BHS via the smartphone app. No Purchase Required. Valid 02/11/11 - 05/12/11

I saved the voucher and showed it to BHS staff but she said can't use it unless we see you click on the use it now button. I can't see it now does it disappear once you have saved it?


Try online.....its appears at random and disappears again..will let you know.... care must be taken as some BHS staff are making you delete the code there and then at the store when you show it to them! Happy Card Shopping ;0) xxx


I accidentally deleted the code on my iphone.... can't see it on o2 moments anymore.... how do I get the code?


you can choose any pack you like!!


This should be a lot hotter!!

Free Odeon Cinema Ticket (Mon-Thurs) with o2 priority moments
Found 26th Sep 2011Found 26th Sep 2011
O2's latest priority offering is a free adult cinema (odeon) ticket valid Monday to Thursday. Says you can claim one per week. If you don't know what o2 priority is have a look h… Read more
Avatardeleted8996Get dealGet deal

It keeps telling me there are no tickets left today but they will be giving away more later. it doesnt give me a time... So annoying :(


Where does it say one ticket per week?


free cinema ticket every week! nice one!


Yes, it's expired now


it seems to me that this offer doesn't work anymore because i can't seem to go on it anymore. will anyone tell me whats going on ;s

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