Prison Architect PS4 £12.99 Sainsbury's

Prison Architect PS4 £12.99 Sainsbury's

Found 5th Sep 2016
Looks like the cheapest offer now. I have no idea whether the PS4 version is any good though...

Spotted in Romford.
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Thanks. Just picked up a copy in my local store. Shelf price was £19.99 but scanned at £12.99

Seems to get decent reviews as well
I've played it on Steam and it's an awesome game. I work in Architecture so thought placing of foundations, services, finishes etc. worked really well.

Not sure how this'll handle on a PS4 controller though.
Yeah could be tough on a controller, but is a great game for PC players.
Anyone recommended this to G4S?

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Listen, I love architecture as much as the next man, and prison architecture happens to be one of my top 25 in community based architecture alongside Hospitals. But, who does Dan Walker think he is??
Great control scheme, its different from the Steam version i played but works very well for this type of strategy game. Much more intuitive than Tropico for example.
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