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PIA 5 year VPN subscription - £1.50 a month (60 months = £90 total) + $20credit for store!
Found 22nd Dec 2017Found 22nd Dec 2017
Edited as you now get $10 store credit for every $60 you spend so $20 for this deal! $139.95 for 5 years, but use the code: giftshop15 to get 15% off = $118.96 This is approx £89… Read more

seems giftshop15 voucher is expired


I'm thinking of getting a VPN. What sort of speeds are people getting compared to when the VPN isn't connected.


Anyone know when this deal expires, got PIA for another half year, part of me can't let my subscription go to 'waste'


I have put TB through ipvanish in 3 days, very fast service. It's about £40 per year.


Appreciate it but way out my depth. I've had PIA for years. For the sake of 15 mins from starting PIA (for it to affect my browser) I don't mind the peace of mind of leaving things how they are. utorrent starts immediately with new IP.

Private Internet Access’ VPN subscription 1 Yr-$29.00(Approx £23.00)
Found 23rd Nov 2017Found 23rd Nov 2017
Private Internet Access VPN is offering 1-Year VPN Service for $29.00. PIA are based in the United States. Features: Secure VPN Account Encrypted WiFi P2P and VoIP Support PPTP… Read more
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Just before pulling the trigger on a 2-year subscription I did a quick google search and found an even better deal, it's always worth spending those extra few minutes before parting with your hard earned! :D 3-year subscription, already heavily discounted compared to a monthly subscription $89.95 on StackSocial site (link below, expires in 4 days). Create an account if you don't already have one then enter code: GIFTSHOP15 for 15% discount reducing the price to $76.46 (~£57.25 at today's exchange rate). Approximately £19 per year, not too shabby! https://stacksocial.com/sales/private-internet-access-vpn-3-year-subscription Hope that helps others to save some money?


Found this special offer page via VPNFan site where a 2-year subscription can be purchased for $59.95 (same offer that sold out on StackSocial): https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/pages/vpnsp Seems the best deal I can currently find and it's the same price as the previous 2-year subscription (albeit without the extra 10% StackSocial discount code, but it seems they no longer allow discount code stacking on annual subscriptions which are already discounted anyway).


Current 2-year subscription (~$54 after using a 10% code on StackSocial) ends tomorrow. After logging into account, nowhere can I see an option to renew. Have sent PIA a message but not holding my breath that I'll receive a reply in time. Link in OP now comes up as £39.95 for one year. StackSocial have sold out of 2-year subscriptions ($59.95) and instead have 1-year available for $34.95, 3-year for $89.95 or 5-years for $139.95. 5-year is too long to be tied in with one company imo in case the service drops significantly then you may end up purchasing another subscription with a different provider. Thinking about taking the 1-year deal for now and see if any better deal show up in between now and one years time. Anyone know of any other current deals for PIA VPN? Edit: Received a reply within 40 mins...impressed! They said as the payment was made using a gift card, it is a non-recurring payment. It means that my account will not be automatically renewed. Therefore need to know what the cheapest deal is for a new annual signup with PIA VPN is? Thanks.


$29.99 for lifetime subscription to VPN Unmlimited by keepsolid beat that one anyone - great service too look on stack social site for discounted lifetime sub


Thanks, went for this VPN service in the end, thanks again for the deal. Worked out to be £22.36 with current exchange rates.

Private Internet Access VPN 1-Year £29.50
Found 21st Dec 2016Found 21st Dec 2016
Private Internet Access.com offers 1-Year of Private Internet Access VPN Service for £29.5. Note: This is valid for 12-months (£2.45 per month). Features: Secure VPN Account Enc… Read more
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late reply, but I am looking for better, just for a bit better quality possibly, I mean I watch DirecTV, US based TV subscription and HD channels often go pixelated for a few seconds sometimes, not alot though, my Sky broadband is fine im guessing its the VPN. edit, just went on AirVPN website, and I am so confused I dont think i will bother, I use an Android box, so I would need the android app, and it does have it, but I really dont know where to start, I think i will stick with what i have. thanks


Thanks for the tip! So with PIA, you have the default data encryption as AES-128 but you can also choose AES-256.. Does this slow down your mobile/pc if you choose the AES-256 ? i ideally don't want my speed to drop which it has quite a bit on my mobile device!


If you got pia then yes. Just install the app, also handy for using on your mobile, although its one of the best for not logging its quite slow. I found the French server was quickest. I just got that lifetime deal from unlimited vpn. As mentioned on here, its so much faster you don't know its on. However its defiantly not the securest thing due to logging etc, and if you beef up the security settings it really slows down. Really good for pretending you are in another country for better deals on things, I think deezer works out at £3.73 a month. :p


thanks, purchased! do you just use your browser and programs like Kodi for example as normal?


4.8Mbit download, 5.9Mbit upload, from Prague through Hampshire to Prague test server.

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Private Internet Access’ VPN subscription 1 Yr-$29.00(Approx £23.96)
Found 24th Nov 2016Found 24th Nov 2016
Private Internet Access VPN is offering 1-Year VPN Service for $29.00. PIA are based in the United States. Features: Secure VPN Account Encrypted WiFi P2P and VoIP Support … Read more
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Ive gone for AirVPN. They give out three day trials, but as the deal ends tomorrow might be too late. Could mean end of tomorrow though. Servers quick on Windows exe, plus OpenVPN for Kodi, P2P also fine. Who did you go with? If the deal is still on tomorrow, let me know for ref link:p


I need to have a good read of this on Sunday and decide what is the best option for torrent's. still a good deal at that price! heat op


​you'd need to change it, if you need to get past geographical restrictions. Yes using the default UK server will still hide your usage but certain sites or content will be blocked.


Thanks op, that's the mother in law's anonymous porn browsing sorted X)


I was getting ready to give up PIA but I connected the VPN through windows instead of through their client. It now is pretty much perfect. Have some heat op :o)

VPN: Private Internet Access save 62% now $31.95/£22.41 a year with free socks5 proxy
Found 12th Jun 2016Found 12th Jun 2016
One of the best VPN services out there. Their own application available for easy use and setup for all mayor platforms - Android, iOS, MAC, Windows and Linux. License limited for u… Read more
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which is the best supplier than if people are having issues with pia?


Ok will checkout


It is software based (you can download their client from the website).


Does this need to be installed on a router or is it all software based I have a mac and Windows and mobile devices I would like this on


Look at #88. They did give me a good offer (good = nowhere cheaper) and have some '7 days grace' thing where it looks like they keep your account info on their books 7 days after your sub expires, so you can pay again in that timeframe, and get your same id/password reactivated.

VPN: Private Internet Access only $59.95 for 2 years (£1.69-ish per month) £20.25/year
Found 7th Apr 2015Found 7th Apr 2015
Previous deal on here was Private Internet Access for $40 per year. Deal was found on reddit and link should point to 'Private Internet Access and Slickdeals' page on the PIA web… Read more

Just found out that that this company had set up a preapproved payment schedule with paypal to run indefinitely with no way of cancelling the account. This would mean that they would take a yearly payment for as long as you had a paypal account. Please check your Paypal Preapproved payments section and check to see if you can cancel the account. If not complain to Paypal. If you are happy with the arrangement please ignore this message


Absolutely. My word of caution is only a general one, make sure you trust the organisation you use for VPN, whoever they may be.


I found using SmartDNS really good 2 years is $49.99 about £35 and I use mine for accessing NETFLIX USA and other services


I get much better performance via openvpn


Comment Sorry i meant you can use openvpn app rather than basic https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/pages/client-support/#ios_openvpn

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VPN: Private Internet Access only $39.95 for whole year (£2.20-ish per month)
Found 15th Jan 2015Found 15th Jan 2015
I've been using these guys for a few month now on my VM 150Mb service and have no issues. Speed is always 100Mbps+, supports multiple logins and lots of devices like Android, DD-WR… Read more

HI, All you VM customers , easy to use configure with superhub router. Thanks in Advance


Trying (though in reality failing) to hide illegal online activity from the authorities.


https://stacksocial.com/sales/vpn-unlimited-premium-plan-3-years-of-hacker-protection-more Some say no torrenting with vpn-unlimited?


Watched an amazing program discussing this very issue. When does this much privacy become a potential national threat? By the way guys I'm not trolling, if I was, I'd buy one of these first LOL!


more info and links pls >