Pro Action 6 Man 2 Room Tent - £49.99 @ Argos

Pro Action 6 Man 2 Room Tent - £49.99 @ Argos

Found 18th May 2011
Thought this might be good for the upcoming festivals or just for kids to play in the garden.

his tent is made with durable polyester taffeta that is long lasting with a 1200mm water resistance. The shock-corded fibreglass poles make the set up very easy. This tent takes approximately 30 minutes to pitch fully.

2 rooms.
3 doors.
3 windows.
Separate groundsheet.
Ring and pin system.
1200mm hydrostatic head.
Taped seams.
Double skin.
Tension adjusters.
Fire retardant.
Size of tent overall H150, W230, L530cm.
Size of each bedroom H140, W180, D210cm.
Weight 9.9kg.
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I have this tent, paid £70odd for it about 5 years ago. Its still going stong and is being taken to Glastonbury this year!
The tent snobs will soon be along quoting HH and how crap this tent will be (without ever actually owning one)....

I have had one for about 10 years (seriously) and its still going strong... never once leaked despite some crazy heavy downpours, never blown over / away despite what felt like hurricane force winds on the sides of hills...

Good deal.
Great product, women not allowed in.
I've reserved one while I think about this.

Has anybody used one of these for short family breaks? I want to use it for weekends away with the wife and two young children. We've never been camping, and this looks like it might fit the bill for an introduction.

I see Asda has half price offers on Ozark tents too (the six-man tent is £90). Does anybody know if these are much better than Pro Action tents?
I added the half price sleeping bag for £4.99 (was 14.99) and got a £5 voucher.
I bought one of these and am well happy with it so far.

I had a problem initially because one of the pins was missing on the flysheet, which meant that I couldn't erect one of the poles. Rather than pack the whole lot away for a replacement. I removed the ring and took it into Argos. They took a ring off another tent that they had in stock and replaced mine without any argument, so I can't fault the service.

It took me waaaaaay longer than thirty minutes to erect, as I am a total camping noob. Now I know what goes where I feel confident that I will be a lot nearer to 30 minutes next time (or at least, the time after that ;)).

Once completed, I was more than happy with £50 well spent! I agree with most Argos reviewers that this tent will really only comfortably sleep four adults. and not six as advertised (which seems a common feature among tents). A double-size inflatable bed will practically fill the floor space of a single bedroom, so you can get an idea of the space available. The bedroom compartments have sewn-in groundsheets and are cosy. There is stacks of space between the flysheet and the inner compartments, so leaking shouldn't be a problem.

There are another two separate ground sheets, which confused me. The instructions tell you that one goes in the middle of the tent, which is fine - otherwise there would be a middle section with no groundsheet. So why is there another? It's slightly larger than the one for the middle section, so it's not simply a spare. I've read reviews by people who say there is no groundsheet for the middle of the tent, so they must have assumed that the two groundsheets go under the two bedrooms. This doesn't make sense, because the bedrooms already have built-in groundsheets. Other than being in the packing list, there is no further mention of the mysterious groundsheet in the instructions. However, I think I may have guessed the answer...

If you do not need to use both bedrooms, you have the option of not installing the second bedroom and making use of a larger main tent area. Since the groundsheet is sewn-in to the bedroom, you would need the second groundsheet to fill the vacant gap. Voila!

The tent is still standing after some pretty high winds, though the tent does not receive such a battering in the back garden as it would in an exposed field. The weather forecast was for rain, and true to form it didn't materialise so I took a watering can and simulated several downpours. Some water did get in where the rain skirt had blown into the tent - so I now know to check that it is pushed outwards. I'm a bit surprised that there is no hook to enable pinning of the middle of the rear of the tent (opposite the door), but this is a minot fault. The rain skirt only covers one half of the tent, which also seems a bit odd. There was no major leaking around seams or door/window openings as I've seem suggested.

The kids love it, and I've won the wife over to giving camping a go. So far, I'm a happy camper

Edited by: "Tenji" 29th May 2011
Tenji, thank you so much, I always seem to build things and have something left over, been scratching my head for ages over this one!! Cheers MJB

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