Pro Action 6 Man Tent - (was £99.99) Now £49.99 @ Argos

Pro Action 6 Man Tent - (was £99.99) Now £49.99 @ Argos

Found 4th Apr 2011
A second price drop. I bought this a couple of weeks ago for £59.99

Good buy and seems to be pretty good stock availability

Pro Action 6 Man Tent.

This tent is made with durable polyester taffeta that is long lasting with a 1200mm water resistance. The shock-corded fibreglass poles make the set up very easy. This tent takes approximately 30 minutes to pitch fully.
2 rooms.
3 doors.
3 windows.
Separate groundsheet.
Ring and pin system.
1200mm hydrostatic head.
Taped seams.
Double skin.
Tension adjusters.
Fire retardant.
Size of tent overall H150, W230, L530cm.
Size of each bedroom H140, W180, D210cm.
Weight 9.9kg.
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This is very poor quality and won't withstand any bad weather. I returned one last year after it was used for just one weekend and got money back. A zip broke, a loop for pole to feed through ripped, it leaked on seems...

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1200mm water resistance

you will be in trouble if there is a down poor!
In need of a good tent deal, but I fear this isn't it - want something that will last a British summer
Don't have the budget for an Outwell, but will keep on looking - usually a few deals around once spring starts.
The usual nay-sayers on threads about tents like this...

I have had this tent for 5 years and use it every spring / summer / autumn. Never once leaked, never broken, has stood up to gale force winds and some of the worst downpours I have ever seen.

I will admit its not the greatest quality in the world but for £50 it'll do a great job.

Just to note - if you spend a lot of time in your tent, get one you can stand up in (not this one). We spend very little time in our tent, always out and about or if its raining then down the pub... if you spend decent time in it or have kids then would advise as above.
yup, its the same as the tent halfords have for twice this price.

its a decent tent, not amazing but for amazing you pay £500 plus :O)

a steal for £50 iv reserved one

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Loads available around
Bought this for Glastonbury last year and it was a good job it didn't rain as it would have leaked like a sieve. Zips on both sides of the door broke numerous times. And you definitely wont be standing up in this one. I paid £49.99 and it wasn't worth it.
If you're looking for a tent you can do a lot worse than look the Surplus and Outdoors website, they have a few and some genuine army issue tents too. I've used the site several times, always been happy with what I've bought from them. My only gripe about the site is that they can sometimes be slow at dispatching items, longest I've had to wait was three weeks. I still use the site though.
1200HH........wouldn't consider anything under 2000HH.

Might be cheap,but when its leaking like a sieve when you are camping money doesn't come into.

Do yourself a favour and get a quality brand....Outwel,Vango,Khyam,Kampa to name a few.
Sunncamp every time.

I see buying a tent as an investment otherwise you'll fall down this trap every year or so.

1200mm water resistanceyou will be in trouble if there is a down poor!

Exactly what I was thinking.
I just thought I would add to this post as there seems to be alot of talk about the hydrostatic rating of tents.

The MOD class a rating of 900 to be fully waterproof, and I think they know a thing or two about tents in extreme conditions and not just the light rain we have over here.

The reason most people complain about tents such as this leaking is because they are novice campers and the first time they put them up they sleep in them, this is a very bad idea, the tent hasnt had time to shrink to shape and the condensation let out from breathing adds to the problem of it getting leaks.

with any new tent its best to pitch it in the garden and soak it down with a hosepipe, then let it dry, and repeat the process a couple more times, this allows the material to shrink and stretch to close up any microscopic holes where it would otherwise leak, it also helps all the seams to close properly..

Nonsense, countless good and repetable sources I've read from give 1500hh as the benchmark for 'waterproof'. Quality tents have a min 2000hh to 5000hh for performance tents.

Do yourself a favour and get a well known brand, Vango have a huge range many at very affordable prices.

The wetting and shrinkage techeque mentioned aplies ONLY to traditional old school cotton tents, (like old military and scout tents) as the natural fibers do shrink and breath. Modern man made fibres do not such thing. A good soaking would only be useful as test before a trip bit that's it.
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