Pro Action Jaguar 500gsm Mummy Sleeping Bag. £19.99 @ Argos

Pro Action Jaguar 500gsm Mummy Sleeping Bag. £19.99 @ Argos

Found 10th Oct 2009
I have 3 of these bags in total. Bulky/ heavy but warm. Ideal if you want a bag for your lad for Scouts etc. They have been cheaper in the past at Argos, but still a good deal at sub £20.

Reserve and collect, or just pick up....


Are these the ones rated down to -18%?
I bought one a few years ago,and can't sleep in it zipped up! Much too cosy.
And it cost me twice twice this.

It did come with a compression bag though,to squish it down.

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Argos are cagy with comfort and extreme figures....
It costs to have a bag certified as such anyway, probably why they don't.

I would say that with thermals on etc. you should be comfy to under 0 degs..... but everyone sleeps at different temperatures. Women sleep colder than men also.

A liner could be added to make it even warmer.

Only real negatives are weight and pack size, but you pay a LOT of money to get a warm bag with those qualities too.

For a Scout to lug this to their pitch, this is fine.... but you wouldn't want to hike with it on your back.
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