Pro Driver Lumbar Support  £1 @ Poundland

Pro Driver Lumbar Support £1 @ Poundland

Found 20th Oct 2010
I know this was on 4 or 5 months ago but back in stock again. It's similar to the JML @ £5.99

This lumbar support will give you comfort and support for your lower back. Suitable for use in the car, at home or at work - its generic shape is great to suit any chair you are sitting in. Naturally supports your spinal curve and keeps you back cool with ventilation.
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Not wanting to diss the deal or anything (this may well be suitable for some people), but just my 2p for anyone with 'serious' back issues:

I have compression of the L5 nerve root right now, causing serious sciatic pains. I'm currently on a waiting list to see some spinal expert to decide if I need surgery or not. Anyway, I tried one of the JML back supports and found it did anything BUT support my back. It felt like nothing, so I went back to what I was using before:

If you feel the need to try some thing more ... substantial in the support of your lower back, give one of these a try. It's solid foam and will need cutting down to size (I cut the long one into 3, so they'll last forever). Generally it makes driving so much more comfortable. They are less than a tenner (+ postage) too.…=89

Sorry for the ramble, but if it helps anyone then that's great
Tried one of these on my desk chair at home. Caused more back issues that it solved!
There is a better version of this sold by JML, which looks very similar but has extra support. I have one in my car and one at my office desk. They seem to help in supporting my back and crucxially, making sure I sit in the correct position, upright. I dont get the backaches like I used to do. I would suggest getting this over the poundland one,. even though it is 6 times more expensive, I think it is much better.…02/
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