Pro Driver Windscreen Cover £1 in Poundland

Pro Driver Windscreen Cover £1 in Poundland

Found 5th Feb 2012
A neccessity for those cold nights! Cover your windscreen in this plastic sheet to protect it from the frost. You will never need to scrape your windscreen again! Use the enclosed suction pads to secure position inside windscreen before closing doors. 85cm x 185cm to fit normal windscreens.
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Bought one last year, cheap rubbish, save your money use a bin liner under the wipers and trap in doors, rubber suckers ripped off after a weeks use.
Afraid I agree with rippedoff - the suckers came off before I could even use it once! Even at £1 these are poor value.
Still using mine now on a transit van, 2nd winter. True the suckers aren't great and never really stuck on, but use a couple of large elastic bands on each top corner and trap the other end in the doors, the wipers hold the bottom. On my girlfriends car (306) just trap the ends in the doors. Hope it helps someone, they're only a pound and stronger than bin bags.
You get what you pay for - I had 2 last winter and both vanished (blew away I think).
This year i've opted to use one of those sun-visors to put inside the windscreen, it has tie straps so I ham them in the doors and put the wipers over to hold the centre. Works a treat and makes use of something that would otherwise sit in a cupboard all year round.
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