Pro Elec 18" High Velocity Fan £26.83 @ CPC Farnell

Pro Elec 18" High Velocity Fan £26.83 @ CPC Farnell

Found 21st May 2014

Found this the other day and ordered in preparation for the summer as these tend to sell out quickly when we actually have a summer. These fans seem to sell for about £40 so not a bad deal.

Mine arrived yesterday and it is very powerful, in fact scared the cat the first time I turned it on :).

Free delivery and aside from the loads of brochures you get I think it's a good deal.

Be quick though as they seem to be selling fast, only 14" & 18" models left now.

Complete metal structure
3 speed settings
Chrome finish
Head is adjustable through 130°

Sorry the direct link is wrong try this one for the correct price…em1
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I make it £32.08?

I make it £32.08?

Sorry try the revised link I added, it won't let me change the main link:…em1
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Link not working.
Link not working

Link not working

Back online now, just a maintenance update.
Anyone know if these are good quality? Do they look good?
its a biggie!

Voted hot for the cold benefit
Anyone know how noisy these are?
that's what i need ,thx
Was looking for one of these, cheers!
How many of these would I need to do indoor skydiving?

How many of these would I need to do indoor skydiving?

at least 50 of these you fat ****
very good deal, i paid over £50 for my quest version from maplin.
i have the 18" screwfix version which was a similar price as this when i bought it, it is very good but even at the slowest setting it is very noisy. the motor is nearly silent, the noise is just the airflow so it cant be helped- if you want to shift a lot of air, its going to be noisy. on hot nights we put it at the bottom of the stairs pointing up and it circulates the air for the whole house
These fans re essential during the summer in a hot conservatory they are a little noisy, but really do a great job

at least 50 of these you fat ****

naughty x

How many of these would I need to do indoor skydiving?

Lol, I thought the same thing the other day when I saw it as you can tip them up to be horizontal. I think it would take quite a few though, not sure I would be brave enough to be the first one to try it though
Anyone know if this model is wall mountable and if so how?

On back order.....
Back in Stock
just noticed they have an updated price of £26.83 delivered here:

Pro Elec 18" High Velocity Fan

On back order but might be worth a try

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They are not on back order for long; mine was delivered yesterday. They are quite noisy even on the lowest speed (I'm using in an office) but do shift a lot of air.
All links say "no longer stocked", or am i missing something?
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