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Posted 30 November 2022

Pro Elec Portable Dehumidifier 20L Capacity - PELL0308 £132.78 at CPC Farnell

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Good price for a 20L dehumdifier, the others I found started from around £200. They also have 16L, 30L and 40L.

20-litre dehumidifier, suitable for rooms up to 20m².
  • Built-in, digital control panel
  • Washable dust filter
  • Removeable water tank
  • Two fan speed settings
  • 1-24 hour timer
  • Easy mobility with attached wheels
  • Airflow: 120m3/h
  • Power rating: 325W
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 341x561x251mm
CPC Farnell More details at CPC Farnell
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    There are actually three types of dehumdiefier I think:
    Dessicant ones - work even at lower temps. They are not trying to be the dew point. Tend to use more energy, but if they do produce heat so can be considered some extra electric heating
    Compressor type - these work best at higher temps and do try to become the dew point (hence presumably want a big difference between what the compressor can cool down to and ambient).
    Peltier types. Only seen those in tiny cheap units but again they work by becomming the dew point. Solid state so no compressor. Unsure why the never scale up and unsure how their perf/watt compares to normal compressors but no moving parts (well to reach their dew temp, they still requrie a fan) sound nice.
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    It says the following in the manual so assume compressor:
    If compressors or compressor oils are to be removed, ensure that they have been evacuated to an acceptable level to make certain that flammable refrigerant does not remain within the lubricant. The evacuation process shall be carried out prior to returning the compressor to the suppliers. Only electric heating to the compressor body shall be employed to accelerate this process. When oil is drained from a system, it shall be carried out safely.
    If that's the case, 325W seems in line with the advertised 20L capacity. Seems like a good deal.
    No mention of warranty though, and CPC Farnell don't offer any cpc.farnell.com/ter…ase
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    325w = 11.05p per hour at the moment

    Meaco arete 20l is a lot lower. Depending on usage, but the extra cost or the unit could pay for itself in a year or two at current electricity costs. Plus they have a 5 year warranty. Think I am going to wait for them to come back into stock.
    I'm in same boat, they will be in stock next week.
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    The noise level is listed on the spec sheet. It is @ highest power level: ≤47dB(A) --- which means max 47db, so not bad. I have been using pro elec led bulbs for over 7-8 years, probably purchased around 10, only one just failed 2 months ago after constant daily use of 7-8 years. CPC is a very reputable seller.
    Compressor only get worse with time . So it will keep on increasing. No way to service a compressor unlike a car 🚗 unless you get a new one. (edited)
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    Why are they sooo bloody expensive
    There are cheaper ones . . . but typiclly with (much) higher running costs
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    What's the warranty period?
    CPC have confirmed that "All warranties are 12 months unless otherwise stated."
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    Would prefer a mechanical off/on switch, so it can be controlled and scheduled with Alexa/smart plug.
    Most of them will resume when the power resumes.
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    16l one from Screwfix 143.99 costs 7p per hour unfortunately it's 65db when compressor starts
    I got an ABC 10L as that was the quietest at 35db I think. Still too loud :-/ 
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    Dodgy seller does not even give noise level of the compressor.
    Farnell is not a dodgy seller.

    They a massive seller of electrical goods, I use them to order electrical goods at work (sparky)
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    I bought one for a conservatory which is about 18m2. Have read that compressor dehumidifiers work best above 15C but the instructions for this one says -

    • Recommend to use themachine in at the temperaturerange of 7-35 C

    My conservatory has got a couple of radiators and an air conditioning unit that also heats so the temp doesnt get below 17C and normally around 20C so I think this dehumidifier should be ok for my requirements
    That sounds like a luxurious conservatory 
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    The recommended room temp for running this is 7-35C if that helps anyone. I'm on the look out for a deal on a desiccant running at lower temps
    Lower than 7C? Where do you live in a freezer?
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    I got the 30l larger version for £152. Has been working great so far, although a little noisy (edited)
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    How big is your room and what`s your room temperature like?
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    Is this a compressor type or desiccant?
    Compressor , Dodgy seller does not even give noise level of the compressor (edited)
  15. Avatar
    Desiccant or compressor ?
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    Can't see any information on the capacity of the water tank. Anyone have any idea?
    The swan one has a 4 litre tank, similar/same looking model.
  17. Avatar
    Looks identical to my Swan one (posted here).
    posted where?
  18. Avatar
    Anyone who actually bought this can review please?

    Noise and actual power usage?
    @ssc1 can you please review how the swan one is working for you mate?
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    Tried to order yesterday. All variants now out of stock
    30l version still in stock
  20. Avatar
    Yep oos
  21. Avatar
    Out of stock putting people on back order
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    I've just bought the 30L model of this as I'm on a budget and couldn't afford spending £300+ on a Meaco.

    I hope this won't be a case of buy cheap buy twice though.

    Couldn't really find any reviews or info on it online so I more or less bought it blind in a bit of a panic as we have a black mould situation going on unfortunately.

    Will this actually work and do the job?

    Not even sure if it's a compressor model or not?

    Can anyone reassure me that I haven't wasted my money?

    It seemed to be a good price for a 30L, couldn't find anything comparable for the price.

    Is it too cheap for a reason though?
    It's a compressor model.
    It's cheap so worth a punt. Cons are that it's not the lowest at energy consumption (but not terrible) and probably noisy (but most of them are, just don't expect to sleep with them in your room and you're fine).
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