Pro evo 4 -- Platinum Ps2----Best pro evo ever if you can be arsed to change names n stats
Pro evo 4 -- Platinum Ps2----Best pro evo ever if you can be arsed to change names n stats

Pro evo 4 -- Platinum Ps2----Best pro evo ever if you can be arsed to change names n stats

Buy forBuy forBuy for£3.98
GETGet dealVisit site and get deal
Only 8 left in stock but a damn good game never the less

Also if you have any reward card points you could get this for like nothing

I would get it for £0.01p lol but i havent got my £50 ps2 yet so im not gunna rush out and stock up on ps2 games


Nah Evo 6 is the best.


Nah Evo 6 is the best.

It's shocking on the 360!

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06 is not the best in anyway except man u has proper kits

thats it

Pro evo 5 was a step forward but ina slower motion

Pro evo 6 was a step back in a bit faster motion

Anyway i just bagged me this

pro 6 is the best easily

pro 4 has too many ''bug ways of scoring''

for example the 40 yard lob easily done and works everytime for an easy goal

plus 6 has better keepers better animation and a more realistic football experience

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Hold on though im criticising the pro evo 6 xbox 360 version i havent played the ps2 version but will once i can get it cheap

i agree with the original poster.the best pro evo eva! po evo 6 on the 360 was embarrassing for being next gen.

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Just got me this for £1.48 using my reward card --- though it ses on bill £3.98 does it only charge me the price after the deduction

sorry yeah i was talking about the ps2 and pc pro 6

the xbox 360 version makes me wanna weep and i only played 1 match of it
it dont even feel like pro
and the models lmao look hilarious

I reckon 5 is the best, I'm not a fan of how easy the players are pushed off the ball in 6.

Shame I'm gonna have to get a 360 to get Pro Evo 7, the controls are just wrong on the xbox!

PES6 > PES4 > PES5

PES6 only just better than PES4 in my opinion. A bargain at this price. If you are a FIFA man, buy this for cheap and check it out.

Gotta agree about pro 6 being the best on PS2, but i played it on mates x box 360 and oh my good, it was nearly as bad as playing fifa.

I think they rushed the conversion to get it out for Christmas though.

Anyway's pro 4 for less than £4 is a bargain and great with a group of mates, couple of multi taps and a few bevvies.


PES6 + Xbox Live > *

I've never played the single player though, only played on live or with friends.


It's shocking on the 360!

I disagree as it's completely a new game on 360!!
Yes, the game is lacking on options and editing but gameplay is top class, especially once you get in to it......even more so on Xbox Live.

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You know what i have xbox 360 online but i dont really play it -- i prefer just doing singleplayer --- master league on pro evo 6 makes me wanna cry --- it just seems terrible --- pro evo 5 i had like at liek 100 hours gameplay on it for the xbox but i had an xbox 360 and couldnt move the files from the xbox to the 360 so i cried for a bit then sold me xbox and lost me save

Now im getting a ps2 for £50 when they drop in price and am going to start it again with the proper option file and paly only that

I dont think ill get pro evo 7 for the xbox 360 as its jsut not worth it anymore

I'd also agree on 4 being the best.

They slowed it down and a complete cock and balls of the advantage rule in #5. IF it aint broke don't fix it as they say, Pro Ev 4 was cracking.

Voted cold because it is not the best game out there

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Got it this morning but i was pissed it wasnt sealed

The link goes to the game shop

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You are joking right. I posted this 9 years ago!

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The link goes to the game shop

You are joking right i posted this 9 years ago
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