Pro evo 5----£5.99 ---------Bargain as well as halo 2 £5 --San andreas £7---Xbox

Pro evo 5----£5.99 ---------Bargain as well as halo 2 £5 --San andreas £7---Xbox

£5.99HMV Deals


Nice one! Better game than Pro Evo 6 on the 360 which a steaming pile.
Its ok but yer pro evo 5 is still the best even if no-one is online

It has the best graphics and master league doesnt get boring on this compared to pro 6

I wanna rebuy it again for the xbox but i have it still on the ps2 and when i get a ps2 for £50 im going to use it on there as i prefer the ps2 dualshock pad ---Bring back pro 4 -- what a game
Most of the XBox games at HMV are out of stock - only one of two cheap titles left. Anything that says 'on order with suppliers' might as well say Out of Stock - I have had games on order for months with them with no sign of them ever turning up.
Got one of these a couple of weeks ago from Comet £4.99. A couple of Comets had them.....
well i was advertising pro 5 for the xbox n thats in stock
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