Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 @ £1 Delivered (360 + PS3) @ cex
Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 @ £1 Delivered (360 + PS3) @ cex

Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 @ £1 Delivered (360 + PS3) @ cex

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If money is a little tight at the moment, yet you fancy a punt at some console footy, why not give this little one a go. After all, 2008 wasn't that long ago.

@ CeX

Xbox 360: uk.webuy.com/pro…732
PS3: uk.webuy.com/pro…293


Can't complain for a quid. Voted hot. How does it compare with the later versions?

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IGN gave it a 9.2/10 and an Editors Choice award (back in the day)


1/28th of the price for the exact same game (well, except different names) isn't all that bad.

Just ordered, but had to order 2 as there is a minimum of a £2 spend, still a good deal though!

Thanks Op!

HA HA, what a choice for a picture!!!!

wonder what the trade in value at asda would be for this??

I got £3 at asda last saturday for this.

Still my favorite. So worth it!

mim order value £2

loving the associated picture... lol

Best Xbox pro evolution, played it solidly for about 3 years before retiring it in favour of 2011.I think i still prefer 08 though.

Cold. old game.


Cold. old game.



If you need find other 360 games to spend the minimum order I found these

FIFA 07 is on there for a £1 too
FIFA 08 for £1.50
Final Fantasy XI is 0.50p
Pro Evolution Soccer 6 is £1.00


Cold. old game.


Not convinced by the demo of pro evo 11 so I'm going to go with this instead. Last one I had was 2006!

all the next gen pes's have been crap until the latest ones half decent attempt. Not voting either way as you'd expect it to be this price, look at the world cup game, i picked it up for a fiver, 3 months ago it was 30 odd quid

I've played pro evo 2004/5/6/11, Fifa 08/9/10/11 and for my money Pro Evo 3 would still give all those games a run for their money. It disappoints me while demoing Pro Evo 2011 that though it is a decent game it really doesn't seem to have advanced at all in terms of providing really exciting new features.
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Hot - great game

ISS Pro Evolution 2 was the best footy game from Konami IMO.

Awesome game, 2009 lost it a bit in my opinion (at least on PS3), quite a lot of my mates switched to FIFA as a result.

I've been playing this on & off for about 6 months, makes me nostalgic for the days of PES4.... for some people this game will be a huge leap backwards, but for anyone getting a bit sick of simulations and over-complications, this is top notch

used to love this one and i did 09 as-well look me a while to like 2k10 but then found it to be the best one i ever played and its great although not digging 2011 version its trying to be fifa and lacks the pes element pitty really as used to find these games very fun to play, im still on the 10 version online but not many people left on there

May I add IGN gave it such an overated score of 9.whatever as they were sponsoring the thing, I think ign is scattered over the advertising boards.

Got this for 95p at Blockbuster so voting cold.

good stuff thanks.

picked up

fifa 07
fifa 08
pro evo 2008
pro evo 2009
fifa world cup 2006 all for £11

final fantasy 11 for 50p is INSTORE ONLY
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