Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 Nintendo Wii £22.99 @, delivered   4% Quidco(£20.14 if using voucher and cashback)

Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 Nintendo Wii £22.99 @, delivered 4% Quidco(£20.14 if using voucher and cashback)

Found 27th Jul 2008
Next best price new is £29 at Zavvi - next best used price is £28!

Price is £20.12 via £2 off voucher(if you haven't already used it!) and through quidco at 4%.

"Pro Evolution Soccer 2008

The Wii version of PES offers the same level of realism that has established the series as the definitive football title, but has been undergone a radical rethink to make the most of the Wii's motion-sensitive control system. Using a point and drag system, the player uses the Wii Remote to guide the player with the ball, and perform all the skill moves and close control with subtle movements of their hand. The new system gives the player full control over their team, and allows the man marking of specific threats, while shakes of the Wii Nunchuk can be used to perform sliding tackles, and send the goal keeper out to clear a loose ball. The strategic elements are also easily accessed, with the directional controls of the Wii Remote used to activate tactical plays and spring counter attacks or send players tracking back.

PES 2008 for Wii features six game modes, spanning Match, League and Cup elements, and Training and Trade section. The new version also features an exclusive Champions Road competition, wherein players take their chosen team to compete in league competitions all over the world. Full Mii support is also present, and users can integrate up to 16 pre-defined Miis into a team, while the ever-changing teams can be stored on to the Wii Remote and switched between two linked Remotes.

PES 2008 also has an online element, allowing users to play Free Matches against unknown opponents, or Friend Matches against people on the Wii?s Friends list. Team data can also be sent to friends via the console?s WiiConnect24 system.

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