Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 (wii) Pre-Oder at ChoicesUK only £26.49!!
Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 (wii) Pre-Oder at ChoicesUK only £26.49!!

Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 (wii) Pre-Oder at ChoicesUK only £26.49!!

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Out in the shops in just over a weeks time, has already recieved some good reviews so anyone looking for a more serious Wii game should be happy. It even has full online play which I personally can't wait for! And come on people....its Pro Evo!!!! Also should be able to get 5% Quidco taking it down to only £25.23!! I know I'll definately be picking up a copy


Good price. Heated and repped

It's the controls that worry me! I think it'll blow my mind.

that looks crazy

Got my email today that the game has been dispatched.

Going to lock myself in over the weekend - if it gets delivered on Friday...

Metacritic Review ]Here

Woo-hoo - got my copy. I thought I'd post my initial thoughts, in case anyone was wondering.

First of all, the graphics are easily as good as the last PS2 version. I am very impressed, although if you are used to the PS3/Xbox 360 version, you may be disappointed.

The controls work very well - don't think that you can go straight in if you've played the previous versions. Everyone will find it strange to begin with. But, after a couple of matches, you can play the basics easily.

It seems as though the emphasis is on passing and controlling player movement, rather than how a goal is scored. For example, the likelihood of scoring a goal is directly dependent on the players stats and your timing. Again, very different to how it was before - you don't get to choose direction or strength of the shot.

Another great thing is that you can control players who are off the ball. Haven't mastered this yet - can barely do two things at once, let alone control nine other players...

Passing is great, just point at who you want to get the ball to - it took me a couple of minutes to adjust to using the same button for both short, long and in-the-air passes!

Tackling is again a matter of pointing at an opponent, and the AI takes over. You do have some control over sliding tackles though.

I am very glad I ordered, and think that there will be loads of milage in the game. There are two things I am disappointed with, however. Firstly, you can only have TWO players in the offline mode. After playing 8-player on the PS2, this is sadly missed, especially as ProEvo is made for multiplayer, and as the Wii is meant to encourage playing together. The second thing is that there doesn't seem to be an option for co-op play, with two players working on the same team against the computer. possibly, I haven't looked hard enough.

Any more questions, feel free to ask. I'm off to practice some more :-)
Definitely worth spending some time going through the tutorials!

after reading your review (which i have repped you for spending so much time on) i think i will give in and buy this game

I have this game and its great - really immersive but not for the impatient

Been trying to play online against anyone but none of my friends have it yet, so been trying to get a few friend codes in this thread if anyone is interested

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