Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 on XBOX 360 and PS3 £32.06 delivered and 15% quidco

Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 on XBOX 360 and PS3 £32.06 delivered and 15% quidco

Found 15th Sep 2008
Use the attached voucher to get it at this price with free delivery

More intuitive gameplay:

Manual cursor control
Adjusted trick control for easier control - more within natural control parameters than via special movements

More realistic flight of ball:

The ball has always been treated as separate entity, but PES 2009 has new air resistance calculations for trajectory of ball
Instant control. Buttons presses are no longer stored, making for a crisper playing style
Heavier foot-in tackles, depending on the length X is depressed
New friction routines to affect ball movement in terms of ground conditions
Backspin routines calculated so ball slows accordingly
The bounce of the ball can be used more effectively: gamers can flick the ball up to tee a shot, or to lift it over a defender's trailing leg
Skills are now integrated more into the game. If a user has the ability, they will be able to perform deft turns others cannot and will be able to feint and shimmy within the confines of the control system
User has to compensate for heaviness of ground when weighting passes in wet conditions or frozen ground

Teamvision enhanced:

Tactics change according to situation
Better off-the-ball movement - running to receive passes, etc
AI recognizes strategies that work and accumulates data on an ongoing basis within Master League and League modes

Stadiums enhanced:

Graphic depiction of weather conditions unique to each stadium
Much more detailed lighting effects that mimic the time of day more closely
Key new grounds like Wembley, in total about 20 stadiums
LED hoardings (PS3 and 360 versions only)

Players enhanced:

All new gamers' models in game: everything reworked for additional detail
Specific new animations to make the game flow more: gamers now stumble, place a hand down so as to keep running
More individuality to movement of gamers: running and kicking styles, for instance: Ronaldo's stance before a free kick

Camera enhanced:

New vertical camera, allowing end-to-end view including User Focus' zoom, panning in on key one-on-one situations
New distance drawing techniques using adjusted chromatic fields

Front End / menus enhanced:

All new, clearer menu system
Match stats now on sub-menus if required
Much improved music choice

Edit mode enhanced:
Sound - music and crowd chants can also be added
Graphics - import graphic data, Pixel Paint function allows users to create team badges from scratch

New Game Modes:

'Become a Legend' - new long-term mode sees user guiding one user to glory
Control the destiny of a midfield/striking star
User works within team structure, akin to popular Fix' mode - assisting play, scoring goals, etc
Default third-person view
Dedicated development data for user as game progresses
Full range of transfer opportunities: but fail to play well and you will be demoted to bench or even transferred
Based on popular Japanese mode, first time in Europe

'Legends' - Online version of Become a Legend'
Use user created in solo mode
Play online with other fixed' position friends
Intricate play and teamwork rewarded with PES points

Master League enhanced:

More intuitive menus
Easier to understand two-tier negotiations: team level and individual terms
Loyalty: gamers unhappy with terms etc. will not play as well. A happy user will play better!


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