Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 P.C.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 P.C.

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Found 25th Sep 2008
Not the best of formats i wont be buying it but a good price all the same for the best football game could be worth a dig if you got a top P.C.
Same as Lovefilm


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I love Pro


Nice price, prob best on PS3, but im not going to buy one just for this game

will be best on 360 like all games released on both formats ;-)


will be best on 360 like all games released on both formats ;-)

Fanboy ZZzzzz

Both formats? is it not out on Four formats? PS3/360/PC/Wii)

I own both a PS3 and a 360 so I'm no fanboy but I prefer games on the PS3, I prefer the controller as well and the fact that it's free to play online on PS3.

Fanboyism is pathetic, who cares what system you play on, it's about how good the games are. If a console were to be released that was better than a PS3 or Xbox 360 then I'd buy that too, I feel no obligation to show loyalty or be a fan of a business corporation, all I care about is does it play the games I want to play?

It won't be best on any format if they don't fix the problems that have plagued the last two releases.

i have both, the ps3 only gets used for blu rays and the online part of it sucks, £2 a month isnt exactly much for xbox live is it

Maybe not when you say £2 a month but having to fork out £30 in one go is a pain. Microsoft have no justification for charging to use Xbox Live, we already pay enough to have an internet connection.

But each to their own, PS3 has its strengths and weaknesses, so does 360 but like I said it's not about Sony or Microsoft, it's about which system let's me play the games i want to play, I use the 360 for certain games and PS3 for others.

I will buy Fifa for the PS3 because I prefer the PS3 controller.

Well said Joker... well said
Im in the same situation, with both a 360 & PS3...

I've only recently got the ps3 (about two weeks ago), however i haven't went back to the 360, i just like the controller, free live, ps1 games on download...

But there again, i like xbox live, simply for the ease of use, in viewing friends online, private chat etc.
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