Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 - Xbox 360 - £2.21 Delivered @ Amazon

Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 - Xbox 360 - £2.21 Delivered @ Amazon

Found 4th Sep 2010Made hot 4th Sep 2010
* New player models, AI elements and physics routines
* ' Become a Legend' mode - Start your career as a rookie midfielder or striker and work your way through the ranks to become a pro. Play in your favourite attacking position and work as part of a team, as opposed to controlling every player.
* 'Legends' online mode - Use your saved 'Become a Legend' player in online matches with like-minded friends, and show off your skills on the larger online stage.
* Redefined intricacies of first touch, close control and ball distribution
* Enhanced shooting and AI mechanisms
* The new control system makes full use the D-Pad and analogue stick to perform contextual tricks and feints within the players run.
* Weather, air resistance and ground friction all have an affect on the balls motion - alter your play to match the conditions just like in real-life.
* Teamvision AI has been extended allowing computer controlled team mates to adapt their tactics more realistically.
* A reworked Master League means a players' loyalty and mood now affects their performance on the pitch.
* Enhanced realism through aesthetic updates, including stadium environments and atmosphere.
* Improved depth of field through the use of contrast for a greater sense of distance.
* New vertical camera that automatically switches to a close-up view during key one-on-one situations.


Is this game that bad?


Wouldn't buy it for 50 pence!

Every Xbox 360 version has been dreadful.

Lazy arsed programming and god awful online play has seen this game been superseded by FIFA.

I'd never go back...

Thanks, good stocking stuffer.


Thanks.Is this game that bad?


thanks cheap game


Thanks.Is this game that bad?

It's not that it's bad. It's that it hasn't progressed at all. Anyone who has played Fifa for more than an hour will realise which game has progressed the most.

Fifa was good at the beginning, then ISS (PES) came out and totally blew Fifa out the water for years. But now Fifa is easily the better of the two.

I still think Pro Evo 5 plays better than any of these football games sadly with FIFA 10 included.

PES2009 is just poor. Defenders seem to run away from the ball sometimes and can be very frustrating when you have defended doggedly for most of a game just to let in a soft goal through no fault of your own.

I have also found online play for PES2009 to be slow, laggy and at times glitchy which is funny if it happens to somebody else but not if it happens to you

Looks like they have all gone.

Very cheap but a waste of £2.21 if you have any more recent football game.

Used to love pro evo but now I'm firmally a Fifa buyer after the last few years of this garbage.

horrible game. fifa is way better

PES 2011 certainly looks like it's going to give FIFA a run for it's money this year. Both demos available to download 16th September, apparently PES2011 plays and feels just like the PS2 classics.
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