Pro Evolution Soccer 5 + XBox Live 12 Month Membership - £17.99

Pro Evolution Soccer 5 + XBox Live 12 Month Membership - £17.99

Found 11th Jul 2006
Pro Evolution Soccer 5 + XBox Live 12 Month Membership + Kit - £17.99 at

Pro Evolution Soccer 5: The beautiful game returns! Pro Evolution Soccer 5 has more player animations, updated player stats & abilities, new match modes and all new variable real time weather conditions resulting in the most realistic football game yet

XBox Live: Xbox Live is an online gaming service that lets you play multi-player Xbox games on the Internet via broadband. What you can do is play great games with people everywhere. It's like having a room of friends ready to play anytime. You can chat with them while you play, no matter where they live. You can download new levels and items to keep games fresh. Xbox Live is the ultimate broadband gaming experience.


Xbox Communicator: this is your headset and microphone device that allows you to communicate with team-mates and opponents while playing games on Xbox Live.

Xbox Live Starter Disc: you will need to run this disc on your Xbox in order to update your Xbox Dashboard for Live features and gameplay.

Xbox Live Subscription Code: this is your passport to 12 months of Xbox Live service. You will enter this code during the Account Setup process. Your subscription starts from the day you setup your account.

[ EDIT: Price gone up, now £24.99 Delivered!! ]
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Spotted this elsewhere and was just coming to see if it had beenposted.

Bargain price for12 months subscription, I've ordered 2.

And Pro Evo 5 is a cracking game, and works on Xbox 360.
You beat me to this one aswell. This is an amazing deal. Ive ordered a couple aswell.
Well worth it - sell the subscription on Ebay if you've got one and you've got Pro Evo 5 for nothing!
Yep great bargain!
I've ordered it. Wouldn't have minded ordering more, but didn't want to be greedy! I'll probably miss out like I normally do on this one!

Fingers crossed!
I spotted this yesterday as well, but had problems getting onto the hotukdeals website to post...glad someone else managed it. Anyway, I ordered 4 myself....and according to the play website, they are in packing. What a great deal, especially as separately:

Headset retails for £19.99
12mths subscription retails for £39.99 (although you'd get about £20 - £25 for selling it)
Pro Evolution 5 retails for about £14.99
I see some on ebay already , i don't really agree on people snapping up all these just to sell to make a profit.

I do not need or want this product hence i will not be buying it , but some other person who might have a low income etc might desperately want this and betime they go to buy it then mostly likely to be gone because of some other peoples greed to con others.

Ive only ever used Hotdeals to snap myself a bargin but then thats what i thought this site was for.

Fair enough if your doing this because you don't have much money and you want a bit of income then good luck , just dont take the mick like buying 10-60 items .... I'm more or less aiming to the ones who just don't put anything back into Hotdeals e.g just come here to see bargains to sell on ebay.

Sometimes its other peoples greed why some of us miss out on good deals.

Do excuse my rant
I'm hanging fire to find out if I can get an updated option file on to my 360!
[SIZE=2]Sorry but price has now gone up its now £24.99 Delivered[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]I guess all them people buying to sell on ebay made them think it was to much of a good deal.[/SIZE]
True....however, in my case 2 are going to my friends and one for myself (especially as I just recently snapped my headset....again!). I just have one spare.

I would also take umbrage with someone ordering dozens...but I guess thats their choice, and if play don't put limits on their website, these things can be expected.
Well, now, I'm hanging fire until Pro Evo 6 comes out!
Does anyone have a spare one I can buy off them? They can keep the game and stuff, I just want the 12 month subscription code?
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