Pro Evolution Soccer 6 (Classics) XBox 360
Great deal on a good game, P+P is free, and £1-2 off if you have a voucher!


Massively upgraded AI-- players run intelligently into space when not in possession of the ball.
Physical side of play has been refined, with players working to turn a defender as they receive the ball.
Shooting system refined players can attempt more snap shots.
New licensed teams including official kits for Argentina, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain and Sweden.
More balanced referees.
New and exciting game modes including International Challenge and Random modes.
Much-loved Master League makes a welcome return.

SynopsisRegion: 100
Rating: 3
Encoding: PAL
Developer: Konami
Network Enable: Yes
Format: DVD - Plastic
No of Discs: 1
Platform: XBox 360


£4.99 in Gamestation.


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it's out of stock at GS online, mate - handy for those that don't have a gamestation near them!!!! same price w voucher

Same price at DVD.co.uk as well. Also pre-owned at Gamestation online for £2.99.

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£2 more for nice clean copy tho - not bad!

it is a truly shocking game, its really, really poor. Doesnt even stand up well next to the PS2 version as that has the random team generator.
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