Pro Evolution Soccer 6 - Xbox 360. £15.20 for 4!

Pro Evolution Soccer 6 - Xbox 360. £15.20 for 4!

Found 26th Dec 2007
as title suggests..put 4 in basket and comes to £15.20....good presents for the boys in the family perhaps?


i just added 15 to my basket at £1.74? wtf

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how did u manage to get 15 in basket..most i can get in basket is 10?

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£25.84 for 10 of

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ah well didnt actually state that pro evo was one did it now...oh sooooo picky.....

Well, we can go 'oh look you get 70% off these games at so and so' or post 200 deals for every individual game, when its all covered under the one deal.

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go find some deals then...anyone who is interested will look. and not all the games on there glitch so handy knowing which ones do dont ya think....

oh dear yet another re post

brrrr cold

Added 4 to my basket but tried to collect instore and then the system rights itself , deal also works on Fifa 07 etc . May work if buying online but then you have to pay delivery
Good post still !

Who the hell would want 4 of these
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