Pro-Iroda Solderpro 70W Gas Soldering Iron Kit from maplin £15.75

Pro-Iroda Solderpro 70W Gas Soldering Iron Kit from maplin £15.75

Found 28th Apr
• 70W portable gas soldering iron so you can work almost anywhere
• Heats up in as little as 20 seconds allowing you to get on with the job in hand
• Temperature ranges from 210°C to 450°C allowing you to store heat in the tip to aid the melting process
• Runs for up to 60 minutes with a 7ml gas tank
• Soldering iron kit comes with multiple tips so you can select the right tip for the job
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Grab a bargain! Free delivery.
Edited by: "deliveryman" 28th Apr
Great deal - bought one yesterday. Also doing single extra tips c.£1.70.
I bought these before and they are better than the Aldi versions by far.
They died after a year.

But the best I have used by a million miles is the Dremel one. It's amazing. But for this price I would say give this a go.
So heat from me!
Had one of these for 10 years, 5 of that in use daily as a field service engineer. I'm getting another!
Wow, and free standard delivery as well. Been looking at one of these for a while. Thanks OP.

Ordered thank you

Anyone know if they stock various spare tips instore and at the £1.67/£1.70 price?
Just ordered ..absolute a stonking price..what a Bargain.
I was debating ordering this a few days glad I waited.
I have this same model and it done me great over the years but the base cap ended f@@king up I really did not need ,but at this`s a steal. ...This is a excellent gizmo for small jobs.
Thanks OP. Heat!

Best Regards,
looked in store in Wembley and they've got the non-flash deal price on in-store (obviously the website and flash deals are now gone)
Has anyone tried spending one of those £5 gift cards they were giving away over Christmas?
I am getting blue flames out of the sides intermittently with the soldering tip, is anybody else experiencing the same?
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