Pro-Isobolic 'Time Release' Pure Protein Isolate Blend - £0.99 delivered for 454g @ Muscleform

Pro-Isobolic 'Time Release' Pure Protein Isolate Blend - £0.99 delivered for 454g @ Muscleform

Found 5th Oct 2010Made hot 5th Oct 2010
A high purity engineered blend of fast, medium and slow release protein isolates, offering 93% protein with very low carbs and fat.

The 'Time Release' formulation of Pro-Iosobolic promotes an extended 'Anabolic Window'for maximum results.

Out performs single source protein!

Try it for just 99p delivered - normally £10.95

Available in 3 different flavours and unflavoured too.

Available whilst stocks last.


cheers "will" just ordered. they had three other flaves too , so four for £3.96 delivered .BARGAIN. only one flavour per household.

Taken directly from page "IMPORTANT - 99p Pouch Offer - Limit per household is a total of one, not one of each flavour"

Thank OP, ordered one. Bargain @ 99p

Excellent Price! well worth the 99p. Thanks!

Great price, went for the mint choc chip, thanks OP!

Ordered the mint Choc, good price, many thanks

great price order mint choc too.

Voted Hot, ordered the Forest fruits

For 99p, why not!

Blazing hot. Went for Mint Choc.

awesome! ordered! thanks!!

i couldnt find mint choc chip though - i got orange

fab... ordered mint choc too

mint choc ordered

Nice! been wanting to try some of this stuff for a while.

Thanks, ordered forest fruit one

ordered .. brilliant .. thanks

ive added 3 will see if it goes through

Tidy! mintus choc chipus. mmmm

thanks - ordered the mint choc

ordered 4 for £3.96

Hot, just got mine.



ive added 3 will see if it goes through

hopefully not.

cheers op!

Ordered 2, thanks

whats this for?

Ordered Mint Choc, thanks :-)

Just ordered one each ;-)

Site looks dodgy

Cheers, ordered!


Site looks dodgy

It does have a contact number and they do pick up the phone, that's a lot more than i can say for some better know online companies.

and they are gone..

Sorry - 99p Pouch Offer Now Ended.

Edited by: "harmzz" 5th Oct 2010

hottest deal on this site so far for me.

Ordered 1 unflavoured, 1 mint choc

Sorry - 99p Pouch Offer Now Ended.

ordered twice just in time thx

ordered lets see if this is good or not

Site is not dodgy at all. They sponsor Simon Cohen (the Body Builder on the main page). Gutted that I missed this


"Sorry - 99p Pouch Offer Now Ended."

Think I just got mine in in time


confirmation email has come through, so i'm lucky!
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