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Pro Natur unsweetened Oat drink 89p @ Aldi
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Pro Natur unsweetened Oat drink 89p @ Aldi

Posted 4th JanAvailable: East Midlands (Northamptonshire)

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They had a pallet of these at my Local Aldi (Northampton) - usually Oat Milk is around £2 so picked up a few, not sure if nationwide.

Best before date: 15th Oct 2020
Ingredients: only Water and Oats
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If you have a blender and oats this is literally just a hand full of oats blended with water, then the oats strained away with a muslin cloth. I got this and wasn’t wowed, there’s no vitamins in it either, so wouldn’t recommend as a milk replacement especially with children, and it separates in days .
Yes as far as I can tell this isn't a good replacement for those that are used to some fortified brands like oatly. They contain vitamins, calcium and oil for increased fat content. Cheap for those that just want an alternative for a cup of tea or similar
I tried this milk when it was in stock last year and it's ok, but not as good as the more expensive milks if used in hot drinks.

Most of the oak milks that are just water an oats (including homemade) tend to separate out once added to a hot drink.

All of them settle/separate when left in the fridge, but this is why they state to shake before each use.
I bought some but haven't used it yet, I did notice there's nearly 4g of sugar per 100ml. The Alpro oat milk I just finished had 0g :/ so I don't know how they managed that.
I have discovered this milk a week ago when it was available at ALDI UK. I bought 6 cartoons and it turned out to be better than any other milk I had tried. I am in love with this taste in affordable price. highly recommended!!!
Tried all the others soya, almond, pea, oat from big brands and this is bar none the best for a cup of tea. It doesn't have a overpowering flavour isn't greasy like alpro with its oil. Didn't separate at all (those for who it did try shaking it!) and was a hit input household. Yes not add vits but I get those from other sources anyhow and don't need them in my milk
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