Pro Power 50kg Vinyl Barbell Dumbbell Set. £39.99 @ Argos
Pro Power 50kg Vinyl Barbell Dumbbell Set. £39.99 @ Argos

Pro Power 50kg Vinyl Barbell Dumbbell Set. £39.99 @ Argos

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* 6 x 1.25kg.

* 4 x 2.5kg.

* 6 x 5kg.

* 2 x 35.5cm spinlock hollow bars with rubber sleeves.

* 6 x spinlock collars.

* 1 x 165cm spinlock bar.


Original Poster

Are these crap or something?

vinyl - yes.

You really need iron unless you are a 13 year old or lady who's looking to firm up (high reps low weight). Iron's more durable and not as bulky so don't restrict the lifts you can do and easier to add weight to as your strength increases.

where can i get some cheap iron weights

off the top of my head, tesco and argos are reasonable - not cheap, but cheaper than most places. Obviously because of the weight involved, weights are something that are best picked up locally as shipping is too expensive.

You will occaisonally see deals here. Otherwise try ebay and do a local search.


Car boot sales have some amazing bargains for exercise equipment.

Plus when it comes to weights you don't need to be overly cautious, iron is iron after all.

Weights in argos have gone up in price over last few years. Dont know why, think I'll check out tesco.

It's not the fact they have a plastic outer that they are crap you're just not getting much weight for your money.

I was lucky enough to be given a weight bench with loads of iron weights for free, but like mentioned the car boot sale will be your next best bet. Or local classified paper and see if anyone is selling them privately.

Tesco aren't cheap for weights, neither are most retail places.

Decathlon can be good for iron weights and they've gota few shops scattered about.
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