Pro Power Products, less than half price @ argos, From £2.44
Pro Power Products, less than half price @ argos, From £2.44

Pro Power Products, less than half price @ argos, From £2.44

Fat Burner Caps 90pk - £2.44, Was £9.99
Isomax Orange 1kg - £2.44, Was £9.99
Isomax Lemon 1kg - £2.44, Was £9.99
Weight Gainer Strawberry 1.5kg - £3.73, Was £14.99
Glutamine 300g - £3.73, Was £14.99
Whey Protein Chocolate - £4.98, Was £19.98
Creadex Orange 908g. - £4.98, Was £19.98
All In One Strawberry 908g. - £4.98, Was £19.98
All In One Chocolate 908g. - £4.98, Was £19.98


would be a good deal if there was any stock in my stores ive check all items and there is none in stock in my area, i dont think there will be many if any in stock in any store

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Some are available for online purchase.

thes have been oos since they were £4.99, cold.

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I have just checked for availabity of weight gainer strawberry and it is in stock in Gravesend store, so there is stock available

This was posteda few weeks ago and the stock was either very low or non existant for collection in stores..just weighing up whether it's worth paying the p+p for this as we can now order.....

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no stock near me


Actually; that's exactly what I look like ^^^^^

Thanks for posting pants2000; this is a great deal if the local Argos have them in stock; so I am not voting on stock levels I'm voting on price

Thanks for that! Reserved Creadex Orange 908g. for only £2.99 rather than the £4.98 in original post(cat 302/9497). Also available for delivery.

yep was posted a few weeks back.... got an email the other day saying they had more instock, went to check straight away and still nothing :-(
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