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Pbk Performance Track Pump £10.55 (First order code) / £10.79 (Top pick code PICK10) @ ProBikeKit (£2.99 Delivery)
Posted 21st AugPosted 21st Aug
This PBK track pump is an essential item for any home workshop, allowing you to inflate your tyres at home with ease. With an incredibly accurate gauge and the ability to pump up t… Read more

Now OOS. :(


its plastic and doesnt look very sturdy


Is this any better than the Dunlop one you can get from Home Bargains for 9 quid.


"incredibly accurate gauge", as in "I can't believe this gauge is accurate."


Very handy

Elite Suito Direct Drive Turbo Trainer - 559.49 with code @ ProBikeKit
143° Expired
Posted 16th AugPosted 16th Aug
Possible 1.7% topcashback The Elite Suito Direct Drive FE-C is an easy-to-use turbo trainer that offers a realistic ride feel like no other. Because this unit already comes preass… Read more

Elite software support sucks so I cannot recommend.


I managed to get the kickr core & 105 cassette for £667, ~£120 more than this deal. I was considering returning and swapping for the elite however I think I am going to stick with the kickr


Kickr v5 was just released so possibly a refresh for the core is inbound? (confused) Looks like UK stock on most trainers finally returning.


Kickr Core is probably the better trainer of the two because of: - Faster response to gradient changes - More refined ERG mode - Kickr Climb compatibility But it's all quite marginal, and the Core is £150 more than this (effectively £180 when you factor in the cassette). I'd go for this, unless you really want to add a Climb down the line.


This or the new ps5 for christmas

4IIII PRECISION 2.0 3D Power Meter - 105 7000 - 170mm/175mm - £214.99 Delivered using code at ProBikeKit
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Posted 18th JunPosted 18th Jun
4IIII PRECISION 2.0 3D Power Meter - 105 7000 - 170mm/175mm - £214.99 Delivered using code at ProBikeKit£214.99£239.9910% Free P&P Free
Decent price for Entry Level Power Meter Given Stages are oos for anyone looking for 170mm Use Code GSGPBK for £25.00 discount on the standard price on checkout. PRECISION power… Read more

Thankyou so much for your reply, thats awesome if the 105 would fit! This is probably the best value i have seen for a power meter and its something i have thought about buying for a while as i have heard what a brillaint tool it can be for training! Also thankyou op for finding this deal! :)


Yes this would fit on 6800 as it uses the Hollowtech ii interface Also, the 105 arm featured would fit on your Ultegra crank if you didn't want to shell out the extra pennies


does anyone know if these new generation powerneters are compatable with the older version cranks?I have ultegra 6800 and wondered if the R8000 version would work? Just curious as with the code it comes to £250 which is still pretty good for a power meter!


That's very comprehensive and helpful, thanks.


I use it alongside heart rate monitor to pace my longer rides. In order to do this, I need to carry out an FTP test which measures my maximum power threshold. Theoretically this is the amount of power I can sustain over an hour. Then, let's say I go on a 4 hour ride, I aim to ensure that my overall average power for the whole ride is around 75-85% of FTP, so lower on flats but higher as I push up hills. The power meter also records cadence so I will use it to ensure my cadence is around the 90 mark. Simultaneously, I also use a heart rate monitor to check that I don't over exert myself. Using both together helps me to pace the ride just right and ensures I don't run out of gas. Using the power meter also helps me to train, for example carrying out interval sessions (10 mins at 70% FTP, 5 mins 110% etc). I carry out an FTP test every month to set new threshold levels.

Lizard Skins DSP Bar Tape V2 - 2.5MM - Black £24.29 @ ProBikeKit
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Posted 1st AprPosted 1st Apr
Lizard Skins DSP Bar Tape V2 - 2.5MM - Black £24.29 @ ProBikeKit£24.29 Free P&P Free
All, I've been looking for a while for a good price on some Lizard Skin Black bartape. This is the V2 version with updated polymer that they claim is 5x more durable. Also they no… Read more

Just bought the 3.2mm and would agree. Those times you hit a rough bit of road you’ll wonder why you didn’t get it’s cheaper ( edit - just seems this is not v2, whatever that means!


It's great tape hot deal, I'd recommend the 3.2mm version for that extra bit of comfort.


Who came here for an Echo Dot 🤪


That’s a good price for the black. Been using the v1’s for a while.

Cycliq Fly6 Bike Light/Camera £128 at ProBikeKit ibncfree delivery
122° Expired
Posted 28th MarPosted 28th Mar
Cycliq Fly6 Bike Light/Camera £128 at ProBikeKit ibncfree delivery£128 Free P&P Free
EDITED 9th April Cycliq are currently selling all their stock with 30% off so you can get this direct from them for £140 inc. P&P if you can wait 2-3 weeks for delivery. now… Read more

They were £40 in Sept 2017 when I bought mine. They sold out very quickly but there were a few reports of people finding old stock a few weeks later reduced to £20 (and a very few found them reduced to £15). It had a faulty motion sensor which meant it switched off after 15 minutes (both camera and light). This was later fixed with a firmware update which bypassed the motion sensor (and also removed the Crash Mode so it didn't automatically save footage in the event of an accident). I haven't seen them being sold since. I guess they might come back at some point - it wasn't in their cycling stuff last month and the new range that was due on April 19th has been postponed. Most owners seem to have found that they died eventually (people who opened them up found the circuitry had corroded). Mine lasted about 6 months - but Aldi gave me my money back under warranty so I was happy enough to get a winter out of it for nothing. I bought a Fly6v for £50 instead, which I'm now upgrading having seen how much better the video quality is on the newer models.


Why these are a good idea


This just isn't true. You can't get hold of them andthey were never £20


Many thanks op for the deal and even bigger thanks for continuing to work during the crisis. If it wasn't for you and your fellow teachers how many thousands of key workers would have been lost off the front line of this battle against Corvid-19. During normal times I too cycled to work every day. On the bike I have two front lights, two rear lights and front and back cameras. All lights on even during daytime. Touch wood no accident other than somebody aggressively forcing me off the road. Having visible cameras has definitely reduced incidents but defensive riding is what keeps me safest. I.e. predict a car pulling out in front of me etc.


Code has expired but price has dropped to £128 - so £2 more than when first posted.

CycleOps H2 Direct Drive Smart Trainer £585 + Next Day Delivery @ Probikekit
126° Expired
Posted 24th MarPosted 24th Mar
CycleOps H2 Direct Drive Smart Trainer £585 + Next Day Delivery @ Probikekit£585£75923%
A great price on the H2 if you've been after a Turbo trainer to keep on top of your cycling inside of the house. They are still a fairly hefty price in most places at around £759+ … Read more

Hey, it's good thanks :) I don't have much frame of reference to be honest but I've been enjoying it. Relatively easy to set up and once you're on zwift it goes a good way towards making up for the lack of outdoor cycling. Oh, I can say it's definitely more compelling than watching a video on a dumb trainer.


How is it? Was looking at that vs the Zumo myself.


The lead time was 3+ weeks too


Yeah I was too late to the party but might look to pick one up either soon or in a few months when the market will be flooded with them


Bought myself an Elite Direto at the weekend. Looking at the stock levels now I don't regret it one iota! 😬

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Santini women's ritmo jersey £24.79 @ Probike kit
41° Expired
Posted 23rd JanPosted 23rd Jan
Santini women's ritmo jersey £24.79 @ Probike kit£24.79£27.9911%
Giada is a great summer jersey with a classic cut that fi ts perfectly the curves of all women. Suitable for hot summer days, it is made of Energy Microsense fabric, lightweight an… Read more
adidas Men's Ultraboost 20 Running Shoes £118.99 delivered @ ProBikeKit
-268° Expired
Posted 20th JanPosted 20th Jan
adidas Men's Ultraboost 20 Running Shoes £118.99 delivered @ ProBikeKit£118.99£159.9526%
Now these are a nice looking pair of trainers, and a great running shoe! adidas Men's Ultraboost 20 Running Shoes reduced to £118.99 with Free delivery Not seeing these reduced … Read more

2019 model £63 with code on adidas website . .


The new ones look minging though


As much as I love Ultraboost and they are without a doubt, the comfiest trainers I've ever owned, I always wait until they are sub £100 to buy...


I found the previous version awful and have only used a handful of times. There is, or at least was, a firm bump in the midfoot which made them unusable for me on runs of any length. Few reviews mention it so not uniquely freaky feet...


Brrrrr rrr r

4iiii Precision 2.0 3D Power Meter - 105 5800 - £184.50 @ ProBikeKit
164° Expired
Posted 31st Dec 2019Posted 31st Dec 2019
4iiii Precision 2.0 3D Power Meter - 105 5800 - £184.50 @ ProBikeKit£184.50
Lowest price I've seen for this power meter, just purchased one myself. Great reviews and just as good as ones that are ALOT more expensive! Use discount code VCUK10. More expensi… Read more

Your right, now £234.99 with code VCUKSS.


Seems to be £259.99 now


Thanks for posting, I caved and bought one


Oh nice, hadn't thought about how they manage the power based on your input.That would be clever having both displayed. Should have just bought a motor instead then and make climbing easier as a bonus (:I


Nope, leg power, torque sensors detect this and apply current to motor proportionately, some displays will also show you your power input..

CycleOps H2 Direct Drive Smart Turbo Trainer for £608.99 delivered @ ProBikeKit
30° Expired
Posted 18th Nov 2019Posted 18th Nov 2019
CycleOps H2 Direct Drive Smart Turbo Trainer for £608.99 delivered @ ProBikeKit£608.99£74919%
It might look a bit like a sci-fi spaceship, but is actually a high-end direct drive trainer for road cycling enthusiasts. The RRP on this trainer is £999, with most retailers comi… Read more

Not sure that this is quite cheap enough to get instead of the new H3.

4iiii Precision 2.0 3D Power Meter - 105 5800 for £239.49 delivered @ Probikekit
239° Expired
Refreshed 20th Nov 2019Refreshed 20th Nov 2019
4iiii Precision 2.0 3D Power Meter - 105 5800 for £239.49 delivered @ Probikekit£239.49£28817%
Update 1
Price dropped to £239.49 including delivery.
One for the cyclists out there. The 4iiii Precision 2.0 3D power meter for just £239.49 from ProBikeKit. "Thanks to the new 4iiii Precision 2.0 3D power meter, training with acc… Read more

I'd quite happily go 165mm but it's hard to find cranksets that short. The one I have currently is bb30 sadly.


Great deal. I have a cycling buddy who needs the 170 in this model so any ideas at this price appreciated. It seems to be like hens’ teeth.


It was the same website and it was back in September. I was very close to pulling the trigger but didn't.


Code BIKE10 for 10% off (y)


Can you let me know where, as I struggled to find anything as low as that.

Selected Scicon Sunglasses £49.99 with Voucher Code @ Probikekit
-37° Expired
Posted 18th Oct 2019Posted 18th Oct 2019
Selected Scicon Sunglasses £49.99 with Voucher Code @ Probikekit£49.99£10954%
All Sunglasses have the code that apply's to them in the offer box enter the code at the checkout.

These look really nice!

Under Armour Women's HOVR Sonic NC Running Shoes - Black £39.99 @ ProBikeKit
54° Expired
Posted 17th Aug 2019Posted 17th Aug 2019
Under Armour Women's HOVR Sonic NC Running Shoes - Black £39.99 @ ProBikeKit£35.99£55.6535%
Available only in sizes 4, 4.5 and 5. I have them and they are very comfy. If you need more feedback about shoes, u can visit

This deal is sold by pro bike kit not under armour (shock) wow wonder if UA are the worse rated company on trust pilot


Good grief! Thanks for that! Some terrible reviews there!


Thanks for sharing @kedendac Pro Bike occasionally seem to have massive reductions on certain trainers. Great spot (y)


I assume the comments you have seen are related to the Under Armour sale back in May. Under Armour had huge reductions in their sale, they then claimed items were mispriced and cancelled orders and held on to people money for a long time. Here’s the deal and the comments so you can make up your own mind about the situation. Do forget with this deal the company is Pro Bike you would be buying the Under Armour trainers from not directly from UA.


Incoming toxicity and cold voters

Nortwave Flash Arctic GTX Winter Cycling Boots inc. Free Shipping - £83.99 at ProBikeKit
223° Expired
Posted 1st Aug 2019Posted 1st Aug 2019
Nortwave Flash Arctic GTX Winter Cycling Boots inc. Free Shipping - £83.99 at ProBikeKit£83.99£124.9933%
Excellent winter boots for commuting or all-weather riding. Boa closure, integrated sock to keep the worst of the crud out of your shoes. Three hole fixing for SPD-SL or Look clea… Read more

I have to agree, I have a pair of sidi mountain bike shoes and shimano gtx boots that won't die everything else has just fallen apart. But they can be a little smelly


Lol, I've been using the same pair of Shimano cycling shoes for about 25 years now....Still going strong but a bit smelly at times. :D


I too had the older model of these. Lasted about a fortnight before the rear seem gave way. Had a pair of NW MTB GTX shoes before that. They lasted about a year before the lacing system packed in. Personally don't rate NW. Much prefer Shimano. However, is a bargain so voted hot.


Me too. Wouldn't cycle in winter without them now. Needs a pair of marigolds to seal the top and you're home and dry.


Great price, great boots!

Campagnolo 11 Speed TT Carbon Bar-End Shifters £64.99 delivered @ ProBikeKit
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Posted 29th Jul 2019Posted 29th Jul 2019
Campagnolo 11 Speed TT Carbon Bar-End Shifters £64.99 delivered @ ProBikeKit£64.99
Bar end shifters are designed for maximum aerodynamics with "Back-To-Zero" positioning allowing the lever to return to its initial position after every shift. Available in both 10-… Read more

Johnny number 5 giving you the finger (lol)

ALÉ CORSA Bib Shorts £34.99 delivered at ProBikeKit
267° Expired
Posted 29th Jul 2019Posted 29th Jul 2019
ALÉ CORSA Bib Shorts £34.99 delivered at ProBikeKit£34.99
Our universal bibshort with a Comfort Fit cut matches all the jersey of the collection. This is the bibshort which is the best choice for riders that are in search of absolute comf… Read more

Ah yes, they do take PayPal, excellent thanks!


If you can pay with PayPal, they'll refund your return postage.


From what I can tell, they are euro sized, so think Castelli/Assos etc. It looks like you need to pay for returns, so a bit risky.


I prefer to cycle in my Jeans (angel)


Don't forget to use the new user discount code too for 12% off

adidas Men's Solar Boost Running Shoes trainers now was £139.95 now £69.99 @ ProBikeKit Free delivery
78° Expired
Posted 29th Jul 2019Posted 29th Jul 2019
adidas Men's Solar Boost Running Shoes trainers now was £139.95 now £69.99 @ ProBikeKit Free delivery£69.99
adidas Men's Solar Boost Running Shoes - Black RRP £139.95 now £69.99 with free delibey Size 7 up to 11 Description These versatile running shoes are designed for comfort tha… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Now that would be a cool feature 8)


The sun makes them run faster?


Also in blue were £149.95 now £74.99 size 7 up to 12

Oakley Oakley Holbrook Sunglasses - Matte Black/Red at ProBikeKit for £57.37
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Posted 18th Jul 2019Posted 18th Jul 2019
Oakley Oakley Holbrook Sunglasses - Matte Black/Red at ProBikeKit for £57.37£57.37
Oakley Holbrook Sunglasses £63.74 with an extra 10% off this week.

same not sure how you get this price


Coming up as £67.49 for me?

OAKLEY Radar EV Path Sunglasses down to £89 at ProBikeKit
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Posted 17th Jul 2019Posted 17th Jul 2019
OAKLEY Radar EV Path Sunglasses down to £89 at ProBikeKit£89.24
Very good deal for OAKLEY RADAR EV PATH SUNGLASSES they are usually between £120/160.
Get deal*Get deal*

Does anyone know how to get cheap prescription lenses for these?


Saw this deal today and had these in my basket but ended up going for the white frame with ruby prism lens instead. Heat!


I have to agree. They make some great stuff and it’s cheap. I remember almost ruining a race because I dropped some Oakleys in transition and had to choose between looking for them or running off; having cheaper glasses that don’t sacrifice protection removes that anxiety.


Have a pair of these in red, like them alot


If you're looking for a budget option, I really like the safety glasses Bolle makes - cheap, stay on the face and various styles/lenses

Oakley Holbrook Matt Black Sunglasses £62.99 @ ProBikeKit
387° Expired
Posted 16th Jul 2019Posted 16th Jul 2019
Oakley Holbrook Matt Black Sunglasses £62.99 @ ProBikeKit£62.99£81.9923%
After a pair of these for a while, cheapest I've found even before the extra 10% off. Use code PICK10 to get 10% extra off. Free next day delivery. Description: Holbrook is … Read more

Also ignores the actual sale price and free returns for customers. You can speculate all you like about the cost of returns, but often the best price I can find online for an item is from a retailer that provides free returns. Anyway, PayPal free returns is handy in situations where the retailer doesn't directly provide them. Even seen one adverise that they offer free returns through PayPal - which makes me think PayPal is at least taking some of the cost there (perhaps out of the retailer's transaction fee). I never got round to claiming for a return of some Oakeys though - but the return was around £3. It's not a large or heavy item to return. PRIZM makes a massive difference, but there's variation even between the same lense style, e.g. Saphire PRIZM. Mine really enhances reds and greens, love it. I wouldn't get non PRIZM personally.


I'm not ignoring anything, I am just saying that a company selling high-margin products offering no free delivery or returns is just a slap in the face to their customer. Are you saying that on £60 sunglasses they don't have enough margin to amortise the costs? Theres much more to being competitive than just offering product at the lowest price. Little things done right will not add much cost and attract customers in long term.


I think you vastly underestimate the true cost of offering free delivery + free returns. It's definitely not 'a few pennies'. Companies like Amazon who have an entire shipping network built can handle it but for small / medium sized businesses it's a big deal. There's no such thing as 'free shipping'. "There are ways for the company to amortise these costs and not charge the customers for it" - What? If you don't charge the customer, then you take a hit on your profits, it's as simple as that. There's so many other costs involved with returns you're ignoring, such as processing them, repackaging products etc. Also, I've no idea where you plucked 2% returns on clothes from, that's wildly inaccurate as in reality it's much closer to 30%.


Delivery costs factored in pricing will be a few pennies if anything as obviously not every single product is returned. It is a small percentage. If return rates are higher than that then the retailer has a bigger problem in sight. There are ways for the company to amortise these costs and not charge the customers for it. To me, an online clothing store that does not offer a free method of returns is more likely to go out of business for not being competitive than a company who takes a few quid of on-cost on 2% of products that are sold and shipped back. They should at least offer free collection from a drop off point.


Perhaps Oakley have been driven to be more competitive but the last polarised Holbrooks I bought (in 2015!) were £124. They currently seem to be around £110? Sungod's are £70 so half the price was an exaggeration - 57% is in fact the uplift. I'm still not overly happy paying £70 for a piece of plastic that probably cost less than a fiver but what can you do. BTW Sungod's have a lifetime guarantee on their frames so you may have got them replaced for free. Their lenses also seem more resilient - the Oakley lenses didn't fare too well on holidays, in the pools and with my 4 year old playing with them but the Sungod's lenses are totally unscathed after 3 years.