Problem Child 1, 2 & 3 (3 Discs) DVD - £4.49 @ Play/Amazon
Problem Child 1, 2 & 3 (3 Discs) DVD - £4.49 @ Play/Amazon

Problem Child 1, 2 & 3 (3 Discs) DVD - £4.49 @ Play/Amazon

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First 2 of these are a great laugh, the 3rd is ok but not as good.

Problem Child: Ben Healy (John Ritter) and his social climbing wife Flo adopt Junior a fun-loving seven year old. But they soon discover he's a little monster as he turns a camping trip, a birthday party and even a baseball game into comic nightmares. But is he really just a little angel trying to get out? Find out in this hilarious satire on modern-day family life.

Problem Child 2: Junior the monster is now back as him and Ben, his adoptive father, move to Mortville, 'the world's capital of divorce'. There, Ben falls in love with a beautiful but mean-minded rich woman, Lawanda Dumore, who wants to marry him and eliminate Junior. As Junior and his new friend Trixie, (she's another monster, the daughter of Annie, another woman) try to avoid this disaster and get their parents in love, they get into a lot of trouble, as we notice that ONE monster was already a headache, TWO of them is really the apocalypse!

Problem Child 3: That little devil Junior is back once more and he's just as naughty as ever! In this, the third edition in the hilarious Problem Child series, Junior is persuaded to join in with other children in various fun activities - including dancing. His father's plan appears to work when, yes - Junior falls in love! - with the beautiful and ever popular Tiffany. But this only incites Junior to greater heights of mayhem-making as he sets about getting rid of the competition for Tiffany's affection.


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Why vote it cold, if someone can say if it's cheaper ???

They should actually make this more expensive to stop people from being tempted to buy it!

3 of the worst movies ever made.

Great price....

Looks like people are voting cold just because they don't like the films......
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