Problem Child 1-3 Box Set (DVD) - £4.97 @ Amazon

Problem Child 1-3 Box Set (DVD) - £4.97 @ Amazon

Found 29th Aug 2011
These films are classics

I think this is a decent price for the box set can't find it cheaper
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Watched the first 2 recently and they are really funny, heat added
looking at the previous post…326 this will probably end up freezing lol.
This is shocking
theyiddo - Oct 27, 2010 15:08
A movie "franchise" that started off poorly, but at least it was consistent in the way it got worse....

Problem Child... IMDB 4.4/10

Problem Child 2... IMDB 3.5/10

Problem Child 3... An outstanding 2.6/10 on the IMDB
Cant satisfy everyone's needs. I think there great films!
It's sad when people go on IMDB ratings, if you like a film then you like it, who cares on the rating.
Thanks OP
Loved these films as a child... Heat and purchase for nostalgia!
'I hope you guys have insurance.....!'
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