ProCook Mandolin Slicer £29 + £4.95 delivery @ Procook

ProCook Mandolin Slicer £29 + £4.95 delivery @ Procook

Found 19th Apr 2013
The Slicer for precision cutting, slicing, dicing and grating.
Crafted from high grade stainless steel and black ABS for durability, it comes with seven interchangeable blades to slice, grate and shred with an adjustable dial to vary the thickness or fineness of slices. Its clever frame shape with stable, non-slip, rubberised, fold-out rests enables you to use this great gadget over various sized bowls or pans or over a chopping board, creating perfect julienne vegetables, chips, cheese, sliced fruits and more.

The pusher and slider cradle keep your hands safely away from the cutting blades, and the pusher simply lifts out for washing or to change foodstuffs when you are at work. The pusher is also fitted inside with 5 metal spikes and a spiked ABS disk to hold food firmly in place as you slice at speed.

Seven interchangeable blades offer a variety of cutting options: crinkle slices from a horizontal blade, a straight slicer horizontal blade for slivers and crisps, two graters (fine and medium) and three different width cutters for juliennes vegetables, sticks & French fries which are used in conjunction with the straight or crinkle horizontal blades.

Dishwasher safe, the cradle simply slides off and all parts may be safely washed up ready for next time.
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This looks so overpriced,I've seen food processors that can do everything this can,about the same price. There is no mention of where the blades are made. I suspect it cost about £3 to make & somebody is making a lot of money from the idiots who buy this. I would never pay more than £10 for a plastic slicer. There are pro' wooden mandolin slicers for about the same price,if you must go for one of these.
Rap 'tou is for you! X)

...bit pricey for a cupboard filler!
Why would I want to slice up a Mandolin ?
Lol ordered the Comet/Currys one from here about a year ago. It's still posing in it's box in it's coveted space at the back of the cupboard!
But it gets such good reviews on Amazon...…P86
nicely designed but very overpriced in my opinion

But it gets such good reviews on … But it gets such good reviews on Amazon...
Badly designed, and overpriced, according to the reviews.
The blade is positioned square on to what it is cutting, instead of being set at an angle, or a V, so instead of slicing through the food, it produces more of a chopping action. This is a bit like trying to cut through a hardish cheese by resting the cutting edge of a knife blade on top of it, and just pressing down with your hand on the blunt edge of the blade. The blade might go through with the help of a hammer, but just using hand pressure won't get you very far.
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