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BT 20gb SIM only for £15 plus £70 rewards card via live chat @ BT
Found 8th DecFound 8th Dec
Hi Guys, I've stumbled across this deal via Live Chat. It's a promotion only via Live Chat and works out £9-10 per month after the £70 reward card. It's simple, go to the above … Read more

Nothing doing on LiveChat for me :(


No casting on the free BT mobile sports app, all other BT Sports packages you can, just not the free one.


You can mirror your screen to tv but cannot cast to bt app on Chromecast. So if you get a text from your dad it annoyingly pops up!


Yep, its for bb customers only


Should say BT customers only in title. Waste of time for me!

BT 50Mb fibre broadband & TV , including BT Sports. £100 cashback & free Amazon Echo £35.99pm  18m contract
Found 4th DecFound 4th Dec
TV & broadband deal. £35.99 a month. Fast broadband 50Mb. £100 reward MasterCard. Amazon echo worth £89.99 Includes BT Sport. £59.99 connection fee applies. TV channels inclu… Read more
Avatardeleted1132166Get dealGet deal

Every freeview lol


TV channels included are ........BT Sports and ......... yeah that's about it


Some people's deals looks like they're coming from a time machine.


Love the every freeview channel lol


Check out,uk for a deals comparison, or money SavUK

BT Mobile Retention 25GB £15pm 12m - £180
Found 2nd DecFound 2nd Dec
I just called BT Mobile to cancel my sim only plan so that I could move to the Virgin £15 24GB deal, BT offered more the the same price. I am now on 25GB Unlimited minutes/text wi… Read more

Thank you again for your reply. I was hoping not to have to do that. Got a call from BT after signing up with plusnet. Offering me the line rental/ broadband for £21.99. Life would be so much less problematic if they just gave you that in the first place. Instead of making everybody go through the same routine. Then again I suppose it keeps the retention teams employed in businesses!


They will haggle on mobile and broadband, get price elsewhere including new customer bonuses and call BT. They will offer a better retention deal and probably throw in full BT Sport


£1 more get the virgin deal 30gb


I cam screen mirror bt sport using my lg g5 buy pretty sure casting does not work!


thanks for taking the time to answer my question. I have BT line/broadband and mobile and I'm in the process of cancelling broadband with them, that is why I asked. In that case I might as well go the whole hog and cancel the mobile as well! I waited for my contrat to end and also Black Friday as my bill crept up to £51 to try and get a deal with them. For me £40 is not a big enough deal though!

BT Superfast Fibre Essential 18 months / £29.99pm - £539.82 including line rental + cashback & gift card
Found 1st DecFound 1st Dec
I was looking for a good fibre deal with lowest possible cost per month and noted that with TCB, BT gift card and sale of free amazon echo this deal could achieve £15 per month whi… Read more

Avg speed 36mb. This is more than adequate for many. I have used BT in past and reception has been good for the use.


Is it 9 mbits "super fast fibre" that's what they claiming, and with lags everey hour? Or is it something better and serious?


I hope its one time pain for long term gain for most (y)


I wish BT would just offer simple low pricing rather than having to claim for rebates and free gifts.

BT SimOnly deals from £7 pm
Found 29th NovFound 29th Nov
Found a backdoor link to the BT website which is giving a slightly better deal to BT SimOnly deals than just going straight to the BT website. I have spoken to BT Customer service … Read more
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Dam where did there prices come from i am not a bt customer and for £12 you get unlimited mins/text and a whooping 1gb data with a 12mth contract (mad) I am with three and get 12gb unlimited mins/text for £13mth.


I missed out on the black Friday deals which looked pretty good but I saw them too late. Messaged them today to see if they could improve on the current deals, which aren't very attractive, as am existing broadband customer but they couldn't help me. I'm inclined to hold out - are they likely to do better SIM only deals over/after Xmas? Need EE and it's cheaper with them than anywhere else plus they support WiFi calling, which they don't guarantee if you don't but the phone from them but it's likely to work


Very intermittent 4g coverage in South West Cornwall


just sign up with a new email address and hence BT account number.


Yea the T’s and C’s says the Rewards Card is for new BT Mobile customers and not just new BT customers

Retention deal - BT Fibre 1 broadband with BT Sport Line rental for telephone Unlimited weekend calls £23.99
LocalLocalFound 24th NovFound 24th Nov
For those who are nearing the end of your contract with BT broadband. I gave a months notice to leave BT as my discounts ended. Within a week I got a call from the retentions t… Read more

Got a similar deal in July except BT sports was added later by BT on their own at no extra cost to me but as a mobile app. Then BT messed up my billing therefore got a bonus from them for not having to pay anything for 2 months as compensation. Good deal OP.


I didn't ask for it since I have signed up this month, I will show you a bill when it's generated


Do you have proof? Also I could use it to negotiate down so many thanks


So you got the free upgrade mine are around 35mb but thats good enough for streaming etc... hopefully prices will rise again and i can get the free upgrade and renew. Not bothered about BT sport as they losing rights now. But if they phone back and offer half price or less I will take it


I got it for £19.99 so this isn't a great deal, with anytime calls included

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iPhone 8 - 24 months total cost £735 6 GB Data @ BT
Found 23rd NovFound 23rd Nov
iPhone 8 Black Friday deal for BT customers £5 extra per month if not a BT customer. 6 GB Data, unlimited minutes and texts £0 upfront £17.50 for 6 months £35 for 18 months Tota… Read more

I think it’s because the first few folk voted it cold and then everyone copied them. It’s a brilliant deal.


I am seriously considering getting this but mildly confused about why it is so cold. 24m service should be worth at least £200 which would make the phone less than £535. Cheaper than sim free anywhere and much less hassle than the redemption contracts from the like of mobile phone direct. Then there's £60 to £150 additional discount bringing down the cost of the phone to potentially less than £385.


Look tempting. What's BT like as a provider?


Seems a great price with Quidco and MasterCard thrown on.

24GB Data Ultd Texts&Calls BT Mobile +£80 rewards card (existing broadband customers)
Found 23rd NovFound 23rd Nov
Pretty good deal for existing bt customers 24GB for £14 a month Works out at a 7.34 a month after you receive the card

Yep would have been sweet But not at the offers they are showing me


Just checked I’m having the same issues changes it too 12 go instead of 24 hmm


Link working now - when i go through it changes the offer for an existing customer and deals are worse than what i am on


not showing on my account

iPhone 8 Plus - £21 a month for 6 months then £42 a month (24m contract).
Found 23rd NovFound 23rd Nov
BT Black Friday deal for iPhone 8 Plus 64GB: £21 a month for 6 months then £42 a month (24m contract). You'll get: 6GB Data Unlimited minutes Unlimited texts Considering the ph… Read more

For bt broadband customers this deal is £17.50 for six months, then £35 for 18 months with free handset and a £70 bt reward card.


Good first post OP, don’t be put off posting other deals


Sorry. £200 cashback. Apologies!


£37 x 24 = £888. What am I missing here


It's not a bad price, but you can certainly do better. For example, if you really want the iPhone 8 how about you consider this: £0 upfront, £37 a month, unlimmited minutes and texts and 80GB of data. £688 total over 24.

Apple iPhone 6s 24mth 6gb BT Mobile
Found 23rd NovFound 23rd Nov
24 month contract 6gb Unlimited text and messages £0 upfront £13 month fir 6 months £26 month thereafter £90 Quidco Need BT broadband

Thanks. I'll stick with a uk supplier :) Also, Apple's battery replacement program for 6s is ending in Dec 2018!


The iPhone 6s Plus that’s coming this week/next has a Netherlands shipping code so that won’t or shouldn’t get a fee




I got charged £19 at the customs


What about UK customs charges - assuming that these phones are from overseas? Thanks

Huawei P20 Pro, Twilight, 128 GB 6GB data, Unlimited minutes, Unlimited texts Upfront: £0 @ BT mobile
Found 23rd NovFound 23rd Nov
black friday double data deal makes this 6gb so think this is about the best deal i've seen that might suit me given ive know to be able to haggle an extra few gig for free off the… Read more

I don't think this is too bad. Though they are offering me a £60 reward card not £90 ? Hmm


The cashback process involved is to much hassle for me (,my health is unpredictable so might miss deadlines for posting them sorta thing) but if something from EE matched this I'd go for it.. Still like this at moment gonna try haggle with retention team the morro too... I've 4 sims out of contract and need another so have bit of give I hope


Need to scroll down would not let me link the exact package only the phone sorry.


Sorry about that... Thanks for reminding me will edit to a existing customer post


So to get these prices you need to be a BT customer already, otherwise it's £5 more a month :(

BT - 20GB SIM + 20GB data boost  Unlimited Minutes Unlimited Texts £17 p/m 12 months £204 - £90 mastercard reward
Found 22nd NovFound 22nd Nov
For BT Broadband customers only THE HIGH DATA PLAN Plus benefit: An upgrade to our fastest 4G speed Plus benefit: Double your data from 20GB to 40GB Plus benefit: Broadband … Read more

Just rang for my PAC code from EE, the advisor asked me if I had checked speeds as BT use 3 network. I told her I doubt that as BT own EE, she was adamant they used 3. Probably just a ploy to get me to keep two lines with them.


Well BT OWNS EE so should be good :)


About to order another, fingers crossed. T&C's will come in handy if they don't show it as redeemable on account after the 30 days.


How's the coverage in central London?


Weird i called and explicitly asked about going via cashback site and she told me its fine. Also, the £90 mastercard did not show up even when i went direct on 3 different computers so i assumed it was a site bug. And just for luck i checked the mastercard offer t's&c's and it makes no mention of cashback being a problem, or in fact the deal showing on the site. The exact wording was something like "£90 reward can be claimed for all those that get plans of 15GB+ between xx/11/18 and 22/11/18". Thats not verbatim.... Oh yay, i found the terms.... here

BT sim only 5GB unlimited texts unlimited mins £10pm / 12 m  £60 Reward card = £5 a month over 12 months for current BT customers
Found 16th NovFound 16th Nov
Black Friday deal 6 days remaining to get this deal as of 16/11/18 ONLY AVAILABLE IF CURRENT BT BROADBAND CUSTOMER AT THIS PRICE 12 month contract 5GB Unlimited mins and texts fo… Read more
Get dealGet deal

Thanks a lot pal, what a mission, doubt many people have gone for this! I've gone for the 5GB sim for £10 pm, added a second one for £8 pm, went through quidco (up to £45), and will also chase up BT for the £60 reward card. Lets see what happens


No but I pay £21.99 for 75mb broadband with BT which is one of the best deals out there. Not many people can beat £30 a month for broadband and a 20gb SIM card?


I got it to work by saying the BT account was not in my name. It then created me a separate mobile account. When I log in I can select either my mobile or broadband accounts.


Has this worked for anyone? Every time I try and get the deal, log in with my account, keep on getting a technical error. Their customer services can't help me either, they are so sh!te. I've tried different browsers, different locations, same issue, Really annoying!


will this work with topcashback?????????

20GB 4G Data - Unlimited Call & Texts - 12 Months Sim - £90 Reward - £22 Monthly (£264 for 12 Months) @ BT Mobile - See below for more deals
Found 16th NovFound 16th Nov
2GB 4G Data Was 1GB Unlimited Call Unlimited Texts £50 BT Reward Card £13 Monthly Was £15 Monthly £156 for 12 Months ======================== 5GB 4G Data… Read more
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Not a patch on the recent deals. Cold From me but thanks for posting


Better deals here?


Get Vodafone £11 a month with same allowance


I've seen much better deals from BT these look poor.


Overcrowded EE network since BT bought it .

20GB + Unlimited mins / texts £15 p/m 12 months - £180 + £70 BT reward card for BT broadband customer exclusive
Found 4th NovFound 4th Nov
Found another page which is different to the previous deal. All prices are for BT broadband customers. 1GB - £7 per month - £30 reward card = £4.50 per month 3GB - £9 per mont… Read more

I think you have to wait until 30 days beyond activation (in case you change your mind and cancel) and then claim here:


How exactly do you get the reward card? Is it sent automatically? I went up to "place order" and while the offer is mentioned at the beginning during deal selection, no mention of it during the checkout process or how to claim?


The reward card values have all increased, presumably for Black Friday. 1GB - £50 3GB - £60 4GB - £60 6GB - £70 12GB - £80 20GB - £90 Makes them even better value. BT Sport included on 6GB and above.


I had this deal, then got offered 30gb for £20 after a year. Personally I can't fault bt mobile. Good coverage and customer service. Note that if you take bt broadband plus (I got mine free by ringing them) then you get double data too.


The BT pricing and packages depend on where you click through from... For the 20GB package Going via TCB is £25 per month / £80 cashback / No reward card / Faster 4G = £18.33 Going via HUKD (visiting this deal) is £20 per month / No cashback / £70 reward card / Normal 4G = £14.16 Going via uSwitch is £23 per month / No cashback / £70 reward card / Faster 4G = £17.16 Based on above, HUKD or uSwitch are the better options and a difference of £3/month (£36/year) for the faster 4G.

20GB 4G Data - Unlimited Call & Texts - £70 BT Reward Card - £206 for 12 Month - 12 Month Sim @ BT Mobile
Found 3rd NovFound 3rd Nov
20GB 4G Data Unlimited Calls Unlimited Texts WiFi Calling £70 BT Reward Card Free access to over 5 million UK wi-fi hotspots 12 Months Sim £23 Monthly £276 for 12 Months I… Read more
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Was that as a broadband customer? Thanks


I just went on live chat and they gave me 20gb for £15 a month and a £70 card. So that’s £9.16 a month


I can’t see that you get the card and quidco as when you go via quidco the card offer disappears


Inbox me for Amazon voucher


Nice, so you have what I have except you pay £2 more for an extra 15gb per month. Will definitely be giving them a call :)

3 x Simo with 25GB, unlimited calls, unlimited texts & free BT Sport £39 pm (1st sim 12mth contract at £13pm / £182) existing customers @ BT
03/01/2019Expires on 03/01/2019Found 3rd NovFound 3rd Nov
Family plan - 3 sims each with 25gb data, unlimited calls and texts with free BT Sport (on mobile) for £39. The first SIM is on a 12 month contract. You can add up to 4 more with … Read more

No phone sims Called up


DAta only?


Ring them up. Got offered a few deals like 8gb for £11 then £13 for 25gb, couldn’t say no to that


Heated. Good deal for a family.


How do you get this? If you follow the link the nearest plan is 20gb at £52 per month?

BT mobile - 10gb data unlimited mins/texts £15 p/m - £180  (£50 for the year after all cashback/discounts)
Found 26th OctFound 26th Oct
Some great deals to be had on mobile contracts with BT combining Quidco cashback and MasterCard reward cards. Best I could see: 12 months 10gb data (for the price of 6) unlimited … Read more
Get dealGet deal

are these offers likely going to be all year round? basically i have £9 still on my three payg sim card and i would lose it if purchasing this today


But that was last year. I got both as well last year, but no longer possible when I took out a new sim only contract back in May 2018.


That would be insane.


Can you still get the cashback as well?


Worked for me as well £15 for 20GB Ultimate SIM and £75 MasterCard

BT Mobile New Customer deal 20gb + Unlimited calls & Texts = £15 per month Total £180 + £90 Reward MasterCard (eqv. £7.50 per month for existing broadband customers)
LocalLocalFound 27th SepFound 27th Sep
Just been on BT chat & been offered this deal. “I can offer you 20GB with Unlimited Minutes and Text for £15 a month + £90 BT Reward Card, this works out £7.50 a month for th… Read more

UPDATE - I’m so sorry to everyone that bought their sim on the 28th when I posted this BUT the reward side say it’s only a £75 voucher. I’ve complained to customer services who partly agree, you only find out the reward value AFTER the 30 days cooling off period has passed BUT their views is, offers change daily so they cant change the rewards if a better one turns up - likewise if it was worse. I have managed to get the extra £15 as customer services listened back to a call I made to them about the increase, and the advisor did tell me I qualify for the £90. Trying calling them, explain you would have cancelled your order and re-ordered if the system had let you see what reward you were getting and if it had shown anywhere on the order confirmation. But even £75 isn’t bad, plus you can always downgrade the plan if you don’t need the 20gb’s and save money too. Good luck all those early purchasers.


Topcashback just been declined for mine too. Can't really complain as didn't expect both, although I'm still waiting for the reward card...


Just a heads up that I had my cashback declined. I didn't change anything and have waiting to log a claim for my reward card so not sure where it went wrong.


Looks like it’s on the day of sale. So I’m really sorry, we all get £75 for being a day early ;( I’ve asked customer services to look into this tho as I was lead to believe it was day of activation not sale, or I would have cancelled under the 30days and just re-ordered with the £90 reward. It’s been a week tho and nothing positive. Reward say it’s £75.


Just sought this thread out, turns out 'm not alone in having nothing showing in my 'rewards' bit! What's this about £90? I didn't activate my cards until 5/10 as I had an open issue with broadband, can I get more? I originally ordered when it was a £75 reward...