Professional CD/DVD Scratch Repairer for £19.99 @ Maplin (Reserve & Collect)

Professional CD/DVD Scratch Repairer for £19.99 @ Maplin (Reserve & Collect)

Found 19th Apr 2012
Available to reserve and collect at your local Maplin store to avoid delivery costs :o)

For use on any optical disc such as CD, DVD and Blu-ray. One button motorized operation
Effectively removes scratches, dust, stains and fingerprints. Non toxic cleaning and repair fluid
Can clean and repair 99% of all scratched discs. Replacement kit available (A81GW).

The Procare professional disc repair and cleaning kit gives you the ability to restore and keep your favourite games and discs safe. Withe the simple and easy procedure it repairs and polishes your indispensable game CDs, DVD, and Blu-ray discs.

Weight: 340g
Dimensions: 160 x 162 x 49 mm

Box Contents

End Cap

1 Disc Repairing and Cleaning machine
1 Repair fluid 10cc.
1 Cleaning fluid 20cc.
2 Cleaning pads - blue
2 Buffering pads - pink
2 Repairing pads - yellow
1 Mini brush
1 Power adapter
1 Instruction manual
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I dont think this works very well
ive seen these, they clean it up but not enuf, they do the job that lasts 3/4 uses and they u have to use the cleaner again
Been meaning to buy a repair kit to fix my scratched Xbox DVDs and this looks good, actually looks a bit like an xbox. Refills seem to be pretty cheap as well.
Lovefilm should buy a bunch of these then I might not keep getting duff discs!
had one of these before only cleans cd/dvds dosnt repair scratches cold
My local blockbuster does mine for free X)
This seems to be a newer version of the old ProCare system which I have....
It effectively sands a very fine layer of the plastic, and then by changing the pads it repolishes the surface.I've had mine for about 4 years, got from Max.TV when it was demonstrated by the lovely Charlie George on TV, and works fairly well on fine scratches, but sometimes even after 3 complete cyles, deeper scratches are left behind.That said I've been able to fix to a playable condition quite a few CDs, Games and DVDs purchased at boot sales etc.
Not a bad system, and certainly a good thing to have around if you have a sizeable collection of discs, but too be honest it's been this price for years, so not a deal, but a good heads up for people that aren't aware of them.
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Valad mentions a device from … mentions a device from Maplin.

Love it!
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