Professional Sabatier 5 Knife Block reduced to £50 @ BrandAlley
Professional Sabatier 5 Knife Block reduced to £50 @ BrandAlley

Professional Sabatier 5 Knife Block reduced to £50 @ BrandAlley

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Professional Sabatier 5 Knife wooden block, reduced from £125 down to £50.

£4.50 delivery

Decent knives at a decent price.

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Dont know if its my laptop but it shows the knives and then takes me to there fashion section which i cant get off...


Dont know if its my laptop but it shows the knives and then takes me to … Dont know if its my laptop but it shows the knives and then takes me to there fashion section which i cant get off...

Me too, same thing.

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Yeah sorry guys: Should have mentioned. You'll need to sign up and register to get this deal. It's free.

Just 'cos they're Sabatier don't mean they're any good. See previous thread from Jony dated 30-9-09 which I've copied and pasted....
The name (or brand) Sabatier is famous in the cooking knife industry. This name originated in Thiers, France at the beginning of the 1800s. There are many knife manufactures using Sabatier as their brand as a result of the oftentimes confusing history of the Sabatier name in France. Some Sabatier manufacturers are considered authentic, and some are simply using the reputation of the famous Sabatier name for marketing purposes. Generally speaking among connoiseurs of fine cutlery, only knives manufactured in Thiers, France from well established manufacturers from the 19th century are considered "genuine" Sabatier knives. This is similar to how "Champagne" only comes from Champagne, France.

There are many manufacturers in the other countries that also use the Sabatier name on their products. However these products are generally manufactured cheaply in mass production processes in China and other countries. These manufacturers generally use non-traditional and lower quality semi-forged and welded production technigues.

The use of the Sabatier name is an anomaly of "branding" because the name was used by many different companies before intellectual property or trademark laws were fully established in France. Today, in France, to use the Sabatier name, the brand must also include a second word or mark to distinguish the brand from other Sabatier manufacturers. As a result there are many makers such as Sabatier-K (the oldest), Sabatier Lion, Sabatier Diamant, L'unique Sabatier, Sabatier Provence, and others. In 1979, the various holders of the Sabatier brand in France, decided to form an association to defend the brand name.

Among the many Sabatier manufacturers in Thiers, France, they all generally provide high quality cutlery using traditional forging techniques that developed in the area in the early and mid-1800s. Most of these manufacturers use a "fully forged" technique and hand shaped and sharpened process using the local skilled labor.

Fully forged means that three of the four parts to the knife (blade, bolster, tang and handle) are forged from a single piece of steel. In this process, a single piece (cylinder shaped billet) of steel is heated where the bolster will be, and squeezed from the ends to induce a bulge. Then, the entire piece is heated again and forged (stamped) to the shape of the blade, bolster, and tang using forging dies in one operation. Afterwards, a clipping tool is used to cut the forged piece to the rough shape of the knife. Finally, the handles are riveted on, and the final shaping and sharpening is done by hand.

Sabatier Aîné & Perrier is the oldest Sabatier knife maker still in existence and operated by the original family located in Thiers, France. This prestigious brand has been part of the heritage of Thiers, the French Cutlery Trade Capital, for more than 150 Years.

A bit of History

In the early-19th century, two prominent families carved out the reputation of SABATIER knives : the SABATIER's of Le Moutier (lower town of Thiers) and the SABATIER's of Bellevue (Upper Town of Thiers). The Sabatier of Le Moutier company survived in many incarnations until the brand was finally bought out by Cuisinox in 1979. Nowadays, the only surviving family is SABATIER of Bellevue, which is still located at the same address and still owned by the ancestors of the original founder, Philippe Sabatier. It continues to make high-end kitchen knives, as 8 generations have done, under the corporate name : ETS SABATIER AINE & PERRIER

The beginnings of Sabatier K

In 1834, the SABATIER's of Bellevue added the initial "K" to their name to set themselves apart from the SABATIER's of Le Moutier. This "K" is a very old maker's mark in Thiers and can be found in the town archives, engraved on the Silver Tablet of Cutlers, dated 7 June 1813 under number 231.

Brave post, deals on knives can cause peoples blood to boil, don't know why. Gangs of knife experts are waiting to pounce, to bring you down to size with cutting comments. According to HotstuffUK folklore, all knives are rubbish unless hand made by Japanese maidens who cold hammer the high tensile steel with their small soft knuckles, over many centuries, turning and folding the steel. Then armies of hunch backed men slowly drag the edge across their inner thighs to produce an ever lasting sharpness. This process can take hundreds of years and cost many lives, and results in the finest sets of knives for £49.99 (inc Quidco).

I have used Sabatier knives since my college days and have never found anything more reliable, longer lasting or as well ballanced in the hand. Well worth the £50 and better than any £30 set from Argos or such like.

LOL and then you get the other looney bunch stating that these are quite clearly weapons of mass destruction and should be handed in at the next amnesty. Oh and the OP would of course need to be stoned, flayed and crucified. N.B. No knives were used in the execution of the OP.

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I'll consider myself well and truly put back in my box then!
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