Professor Layton And The Lost Future (DS) - £17.99 Delivered @

Professor Layton And The Lost Future (DS) - £17.99 Delivered @

Found 20th May 2011
And one more from the deals going on today. Certainly the cheapest I've seen this one go for. The other deals they have for games don't strike me as too spectacular but I may be wrong on that front


Always thought these looked too 'kiddy' for me, but when I played one I thought it was great. Heat added. Now, anyone know the best price for a DSi XL?

Hot for meX) I have been waiting for this game to go down in price for ages!!

Layton is one of the best games to be created in recent years.

Wonder when Nintendo will finally realse the 3D one in Europe? It's been out in Japan for months.

I've seen dates varying from July to New Year's Eve. It hasn't been officially set yet. It's due to all of the translating. By the time we got the Diabolical Box, Japan had already had four games! Each was released the year after it was in Japan. I suspect they're concentrating on Mask as opposed to translating the flute game too.
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