ProForm 100 Protein 10kg (380 Servings) Special Offer  £66.99 @superfit

ProForm 100 Protein 10kg (380 Servings) Special Offer £66.99 @superfit

Found 14th Aug 2012
2 x 5kg tubs of whey protein concentrate for £66.99
(Usually 39.99 ish per tub, I use it, mixes well with milk, works for me, less aching and good progress at gym)

I know rrp of £159.98 is a joke, and after speaking to superfit, it's the manufacturer who insist on using that rrp,but in the real world, rrp is around £80 for two tubs .

Free fast delivery, I know it's not a brand we all know, but after just finishing my last tub, I liked it, it's good value for money.
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if i store whey in a place where it get quite warm like where chocolate is just ok to be stored without melting
It's a dry powder so will be fine
i am half way through a tub of this and its decent,although im coming off sups now as im getting better gains the natural way.
the taste is more like a complan than a usual choc protein shake though.
i prefer vanilla flavours which this dont come in
Low carb, and sugar appears to be under control. I've ordered. Thanks.
its 90.23% soy protein. Seems good value until you discover this. Soy protein inhibits the absorbtion of traditional whey. avoid at all costs!

its 90.23% soy protein. Seems good value until you discover this. Soy … its 90.23% soy protein. Seems good value until you discover this. Soy protein inhibits the absorbtion of traditional whey. avoid at all costs!

It says it's a blend:
Whey Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Concentrate, Soy Protein Isolate and Casein 90.23%
Just eat ya tea!

its 90.23% soy protein. Seems good value until you discover this. Soy … its 90.23% soy protein. Seems good value until you discover this. Soy protein inhibits the absorbtion of traditional whey. avoid at all costs!

you clearly dont understand what a blend is, its 90% protein, using whey isolate, whey concentrate. and soy isolate, so not 90% soy .

its a mixture of slow and fast release proteins, it works well actually, dont comment if you dont understand.
FREECODE10 takes this down to £60.29
whey is pretty much instant,blends work different by letting your body absorb at different rates.
I must be missing something here.
I got this the other day, one chocolate and one raspberry. I tried it with water, it was disgusting. I'm new to this, the only other protein I tried is my optimum health from discount suppliments - I got a chocolate first then strawberry. My brother bought some from Holland and Barret and it was the nicest tasting out of all of them, but expensive too. He can't stand my chocolate optimum health one, but I thought it was OK (I pretty much always use water) I tried it in my blender for the first time today and it was even better (still with water)

So I thought I would try this ProForm in the blender, with water again, still horrible. This was the chocolate one. Yes there are less calories and sugar though than the Optimum health ones. I am using 250ml of water and it still tastes sort of watery. I will try using some skimmed milk powder as I don't really want to be using so much milk. I know one person recommended 150ml water and 150ml milk, may try that. Anything to get this stuff drinkable. When I tried the raspberry in shaker it got really thick and frothy too.

I did try the chocolate with milk and it was drinkable just about. Any tips with how much water/milk to use?
Ok I tried the raspberry one with 200ml of water, still not good. Tried it with 150ml of water, tastes better, drinkable I guess. Its thickish but not watery much. All done in a blender, so got optimum mixing. Only thing is you don't get much when using so little water.

I tried the optimum health strawberry in blender, it was good like a proper milkshake nearly and using water. I will stick to that brand next time. It also makes about 300ml from 200ml water, so thats good.

Or I may try the £40 5kg tub they have on this website, a review said it was better tasting than this stuff. I wish I hadn't bought 10kg of ths stuff now!

I will try the chocolate one with 150ml of water next.
I always put two scoops in my preferred my protein mixmaster shaker, with about 400ml water, tastes same as most protein shakes. At the end of the day, your not drinking it for the taste but for what it does.

I drink mine in one everytime, I don't sip it like an espresso lol.

Just down it and hold ya nose, as I hate smell of all protein shakes they all smell of cheese/egg
I will try two scoops and 400ml, but I like to have 2 a day so thats sort of like having 4 a day.

Yeah I know, my brother doesn't like my other stuff which I don't mind, so I thought I had a higher tolerance for "bad" tasting protein! It might be the soy taste that I don't like. Anyway I have wrote to them about swapping it for Olympus Health Premium Protein PRO-XL to give that a try but I don't hold out much hope of them taking it back. That has soy protein in it too, but it might be more drinkable going from reviews.

Otherwise I will have to hold my nose and drink this stuff somehow, I'm not wasting it after paying this much.

I tried it with 150ml water and its thick but slightly more agreeable taste wise, more like angel delight if you use a lot of imagination, but not really practical as I was using a spoon to get it all out.
What flavour do you use?
only ever have choc.

ive got the olympus health too, tastes same to me.

i take 2 scoops twice daily, as thats like 100gms of protein and they say to take 1-3gms per kg of bodyweight, so factor in your normal food, and its about right.
Oh dear I bought some olympus health 5kg today, hoping it would taste better! I got it for 35.99 too using the FREECODE10 code, that code didn't work on this deal when I tried it.

Sounds good, but I'm calorie counting too as on a diet, so trying to keep the calories from these shakes as low as possible. Just trying to build a bit of muscle to get metabolism up and to stop using muscle as energy.
I emailed them the other day and got a reply today they said they basically you can't return opened goods, fair enough I guess but a little dissapointed. Bought some skimmed milk powder today to see if its any better with that.
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