Prog Rock & Metal Album  - Various Artists  - Progotronics VI   - Free Download @ Bandcamp

Prog Rock & Metal Album - Various Artists - Progotronics VI - Free Download @ Bandcamp

Found 29th Jul 2017
We are back this month with 20 new songs and Progotronics VI. Download / stream the sampler.Includes high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
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1.Karakorum - Beteigeuze Pt. II 09:29

2.Jason Rubenstein - Uniformed Structure 06:35

3.Let's Be the Jury - Before It Explodes 06:06

4.Shadek - Mind Train 09:27

5.Brendan Statham's A Windowless House - Split Consciousness, Part 1 05:25

6.Icarium - Sojourn in the House of Lir 04:03

7.The Geminic Dichotomy - Clarity Through Trepidation 03:29

8.All the Strange Names - Juno 04:38

9.ALLEV - Aquaman 04:07

10.Archelon - Blood on the Sabre 08:22

11.QuietKind - The Worst of Us 04:39

12.Damonomad - Confronting Constable 03:36

13.Synovial - Scintillated 07:02

14.Adam Abou-Gad - Pikadon (feat. Jessica Faroe) 12:00

15.Violet Waves - Eating You 05:58

16.Aweigh - The Path so Far 04:50

17.Charlie Newbury - A Descent Into Madness 03:34

18.David the Goliath - Dead Trees are Talking 04:05

19.Muttual - Vesuvio 07:55

20.Enigmyst - Correspondence 05:06

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Thanks OP, much appreciated.
Cheers Boz. Do like a bit of prog
Progressive music has never managed to get remotely close to the Everest highs of the early 70s.
The great bands like Van Der Graaf Generator, Yes, Peter Gabriels's Genesis, Pink Floyd (never a great fan of theirs, were "OK") Audience, Gentle Giant, Family, etc etc etc etc so many wonderful bands.
Lots of "OK-ish" bands now. None to match or get close to the above
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