Project Cars 2 46% off @Fanatical - £23.85

Project Cars 2 46% off @Fanatical - £23.85

Found 7th Jan 2018Edited by:"copperspock"

Embark on the Ultimate Driver Journey with a Steam key for Gamescom 2017's Best Simulation Game Project Cars 2 and save 46% for 24 hours only or while stocks last!
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Slightly cheaper (if you use Apple Pay or the 5% code) at CDKeys, but voted hot - great price
Don't bother it's crap just get Asetto Corsa instead. It is not a good sign for the game if they have already started reductions in a new game. Save your money.
I bought this for PC a couple of weeks ago. While the handling, tracks, graphics and range of options are great, I'm not enjoying it very much; the computer-controlled cars are very inconsistent in pace. One track in a series you'll blow them all away and the next you'll be struggling to come 10th. Similarly, you can have it where you are seconds off the pace in qualifying but end up in the lead from the back of the grid after a few corners. Really let down by the AI/inconsistent difficulty. You end up tweaking difficulty sliders regularly and can never get the challenge balance correct.
The A.I is not the best but I'm loving this game online. Like all public racing it can be hit and miss, but get some good, clean racers in your friends list and join a race league or two and the game is transformed.

I'm a huge Assetto Corsa fan but I've not played it at all since PC2 was released. I'll go back to it of course but for now loving Project Cars 2. I've even let my iRacing sub expire as I wasn't playing it enough.
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