Project Cars 2 (PS4/Xbox One) - £24.99 Smyths

Project Cars 2 (PS4/Xbox One) - £24.99 Smyths

Found 24th Dec 2017
As title! Seems a good price!
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Good game but remember it controls quite badly with a controller. Also performance isn't great on base consoles
Got this last week, took it back the next day. Word of warning its on of those super simulation games where you can customize every silly detail of your car. Its super difficult to control the car its not for someone just looking to have a quick fun race.

PS4 Pro graphics were horrible, a blurry mess. I went with GT Sport and its not great either but its better then this and £3 more at CEX so can probably find that way cheaper online. GT Sport graphics are miles ahead of this game also.
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