Project Cars 2 (PS4/Xbox One) £33.85 Delivered @ Base

Project Cars 2 (PS4/Xbox One) £33.85 Delivered @ Base

Found 11th Oct 2017
Project CARS 2 is the next evolution in the award-winning racing series, featuring the most iconic cars under the most thrilling of conditions to deliver the “Ultimate Driver Journey” experience and adrenaline rush. Created by gamers, tested by world-class racing drivers, and the definitive choice of e-Sports pros – Project CARS 2 brings together the essence of real racing in the most beautiful, authentically crafted, and technically advanced racing game on the planet

Project CARS 2 has it all - from GT to touring cars to endurance prototypes and exotic hypercars – delivering the full spectrum of motorsport racing with complete freedom to choose what and where to drive. Anytime. Anywhere.

Game Features

The Pinnacle of Authenticity: Created by gamers and fine-tuned by pro drivers. Featuring class-leading visuals, 1:1 digital craftsmanship, precision physics, challenging AI, and dynamic real-time vehicle and weather-surface conditions.

  • Over 170 licensed cars from the most iconic brands.
  • Largest track roster of any console racing game ever.
  • Full VR headset and 12K resolution (PC only) support.
  • Revamped controller pad handling.

The Heat of Competition: Discover your ultimate driver journey and test your skills against the most intense competition to become the next motorsport hero. Project CARS 2 was built from the ground-up with e-Sports in mind.

  • All-new vehicle types & motorsport classes, plus old favourites (Rallycross, IndyCar, and more).
  • Compete against friends online across a wide selection of vehicles on tarmac and off.
  • Robust e-Sports functionalities and all-new online championships.

The Power of Conditions: Race without boundaries – Anytime, anywhere, with any car. Day or night, wet or dry.

  • Race on varying track surfaces including ice, tarmac or dirt tracks.
  • LiveTrack 3.0: Dynamic road surface transitions affect vehicle performance, grip, and handling in real-time with bleeding-edge tire physics and surface deformities.
  • Full 24-hour cycle faithfully recreates the atmospheric conditions and ambience of a specific time of year.
  • Dynamic time-of-day, weather, and seasonal race conditions.
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Steadily coming down.
fairly dropping. hopefully gets to 25ish before i bite
Good price.
Still a bit too much. Have they improved the handling problems of the last game and you can now take high speed corners at more than 20mph without flying into the barriers.
Edited by: "Rossmor40" 11th Oct 2017
Have they announced they're working on PC3 yet?
Unless they sort out the controls for those of us that play games without a steering wheel, then I'll be giving this a swerve.
It's a good price and I bought PC2 2 weeks ago for £36, I say the price will drop even more next week when Gran Turismo is released even though they're completely different.
All gone
Better off waiting until it's patched up and fixed before buying as it's frustrating to play as it is.

FFB with a wheel isn't great and they game is pretty buggy. visually PC1 actually looks better also as there is no AA on ps4
Seeing as my fav Gran Turismo is now basically an online only game this is it!
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