PROLINE SAC100EW-UPortable air conditioning unit £99.99 @ comet

PROLINE SAC100EW-UPortable air conditioning unit £99.99 @ comet

Found 24th Jul 2012
Was going to buy a new fan in this heat wave
Had a look on comet and saw this air con unit reduced to £99.99!

Available for collection or delivery.

Woman on the till said the offer just started today.

Be aware you do have to be able to put the exhaust pipe outside (window/hole in the wall) and there is a drip tray. It is a bit noisy but it has cooled our room down.
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If I say "have some heat" you know what I mean :-)
Yep sure do
Use a lot of electric though.

In terms of living without one of these, sometimes it can be better to keep your windows shut when it's warm, as you're just letting warm air from outside come in.
Heat added - it looks to be an excellent price. This is quite a small capacity unit, as portable ac go - it's normal to allow 8m2 per kw, so this is good for about 20m2. *Much* less if the hose isn't reasonably sealed to the exit aperture, there is a lot of solar heat gain (ie big, sun-facing windows), it's in a kitchen with an Aga, kids keep leaving doors open, whatever. It will be very noisy on full power, will need the condensate removed frequently and does need to be used every few months or the seals will start to leak. With global warming producing extreme temperatures more often, you might like to think of installing a two-unit fixed installation. They only need a few small holes in the wall and you can get ones that work as heat pumps in winter - extracting heat from outdoors and pumping it into the room .
These portable ones are pretty useless, I have a built in one (very good) here in Spain and a portable I bought for the bedroom, they are very noisy, you cannot sleep with one running, the temperarure shoots back up within 10 minutes of turning it off. Also if you have to use the included flexible hose to vent it out of a window etc. these get red hot and warm the room, defeating the object.
So if you need air conditioning, as said elsewhere, get a fixed two part unit, all the noise and heat is ouside, and they make quite economical heating units in cold weather, or dehumidifiers at any time.
I had to get an extension hose for my portable unit. It cost more than this but is ideal for the few weeks a year we need it here

With global warming producing extreme temperatures more often,

Isn't it like adding coal to the fire? lol

The human race deserves to be wiped out.
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Surprised this gets heat. Noisy as all these portable units are, and as most people have to leave a window open in order to vent it defeats the objective.
As far as it been a deal it is

As far as been the best, well it does what I want.
I can't have a 2 part system, and it happens that only me and the wife live in our flat with 2 jack Russell's. It's for them while we are out at work so it's only on for 5-6 hour's.

The flat is very well insulated and even with the widows left on latch it's 27oC in the flat.
I was able to use the hole in my wall that was for a extractor fan.

Ordered cheers :-)
Just got one today, very pleased with it.

Very few left in stock now.

Thanks for posting.

Heat added.
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