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Posted 30 September 2022

AMD Ryzen 7 7700X 4.5GHz Octa Core AM5 CPU (with iGPU) - £404.99 with code @ CCL Computers

£404.99£441.958% off
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These now come with an iGPU


CPU Type AMD Ryzen 7
CPU Manufacturer AMD
CPU Cores Octa Core
CPU Socket Socket AM5
Cache 32 MB
CPU Threads 16
Processor Turbo Speed 5.4 GHz
CPU Family AMD Ryzen 7
Processor Number 7700X
CPU Speed 4.5 GHz
L1 Cache 512 KB
L2 Cache 8 MB
L3 Cache 32 MB
Architecture Zen 4
Technology TSMC 5nm FinFet
Socket AM5
CodeName Zen 4
Number of Cores 8
Turbo Core Yes
Turbo Speed 5.4 GHz
Number of Threads 16 threads

Graphics Chipset Radeon
IGP/APU Graphics Radeon
Graphics Base Frequency 400 MHz
Graphics Maximum Dynamic Frequency 2200 MHz
Integrated Graphics Yes (Radeon)
Graphics Cores 2 cores

Maximum Memory Size 128 GB
Memory Types DDR4-5200
Number of Memory Channels 2 channels

Thermal Guideline 95 °C
TDP (Thermal Design Power) 105 W

Form Factor Processor
In The Box Processor
Warranty Bookelt

Warranty 3 Years
Key Features

CPU Cooler Included No
AMD Radeon
Memory Speed MHz
Microsoft Processor List E
Power Requirement (auto) W
CPU Max Power W
Graphics card count
DDR4 Memory Speed Supported MHz
DDR5 Memory Speed Supported 5200 MHz
DDR4 Memory Supported No
DDR5 Memory Supported Yes
Processor count 1
Graphics Device

Graphics Chipset Radeon
Item Details

Manufacturer AMD
Manufacturer Code 100-000000591WOF
EAN 0730143314428
UPC 730143314428
Condition New
CCL Computers More details at CCL Computers

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  1. Avatar
    The cheapest AM5 board in stock at CCL is £329.99 and even that is marked up considerably. Waiting a month for Intel 13th gen to hit the market and better value B650 board availability is the way to go.
  2. Avatar
    Waiting for intel 13th gen to then make a decision on whether 13 gen or 7 series ryzen for my upgrade
    Be mindful though

    13th Gen - LGA1700 this is the last gen to use it so no 14th Gen or beyond upgrade path new motherboard purchase required and if using DDR4 then DDR5 purchase required as well so blows the cost up.

    AM5 - will be supported to 2025 no need to upgrade your mobo so the cost offset is much better.

    I wouldn't even bother with 7000 series and 13th gen leave them to the wet willy tech youtubers and enthusiasts wait for 8000 & 14th gen, live with what you got at the moment, with the cost of living you will have a better picture where you money needs to go. (edited)
  3. Avatar
    do not buy amd processors at release, overpriced as usual, wait a few months, see what intel can offer first
    Generally agree.

    Last time though the prices went up 80% for 6 months.
  4. Avatar
    Finally my CPU won't pop out glued to the heatsink whilst removing the cooler.
    Little tip, if you run the PC for a little while (if possible) before removing the cooler it will heat up the thermal paste and pop off rather than ripping the CPU out
  5. Avatar
    So the new packaging makes it clear there's no stock cooler then? Makes sense.
    AMD has never included a stock cooler with CPUs over 100w default tdp I think so it makes sense. 7000 series all come with 100+ tdp including the Ryzen 5 7600x (edited)
  6. Avatar
    7800x3D is coming soon. I recommend waiting. Prices are terrible right now. Especially for x670 motherboards.

    B650 could be better.

    iGPU isnt bad per say and a G series cpu will be out next year.
    theres no confirmation, not even leaks, not soon
  7. Avatar
    AMD made a massive mistake not supporting DDR4.
    It's not so much DDR4 that's the main driver in cost, it's PCIE 5.0 support that has mainly driven the high motherboard prices. It was a stupid thing to mandate and has no benefit at all for virtually everyone, there isn't even likely to be graphics cards that need PCIe 5 for 4+ years. B650 boards (not B650E ones, those are required it seems to have 5.0) seem to be going PCIe 4.0 on graphics card with 5.0 on storage to get around this issue, although they are so bare-bones people won't use them.
  8. Avatar
    The AM5 boards make it a really bad buy, almost the same price as this CPU right now. Either wait for cheaper AM5 boards and 7000 with 3D cache or build a 5800X3D system now and put the savings in a 3090 or better 6950 XT which is at £850 (reference card on Scan).
    You can get an aorus elite x670 for like £290 rn
  9. Avatar
    Any idea what i should do? Bought a SSD / RAM bundle from teamgroup when the deal went hot here..

    Now looking at prices of next gen GPU, supporting mobo and this CPU price makes me feel like i need to be selling off a kidney lol
    Depend on what form factor you’re thinking of. Personally I am waiting until 13400F announcement as looking more towards a good power/performance ratio and good air cooling in a NR200 case. Like you I have some parts (b660-i gaming, 980 Pro 2TB, SFF 750W PSU, NH-C14S cooler, and my existing 3070. Just need a good deal on compatible DDR5 and 13400F or 13500/13600 (non-K) price announcement
  10. Avatar
    Can't believe how much they have hobbled igpu on this series
    It is not hobbled, it's a bare minimum GPU, so it can produce a display, same as Intel's iGPU. The full RDNA onboard iGPU chips (i.e. 5600G / 5700G replacements) won't come for around another year.
  11. Avatar
    13600K is looking to be the better option.
    How so ? No benchmarks to compare as of yet only speculation. Unless I missed something.
  12. Avatar
    On tech power up they have done tests. 7700x PBO Max basically matches 12600k Oc in cinebench r23. Shame the Pricing’s is different 414 vs £250
    13600k is due soon too, that's what I am waiting for, no real need for i7/i9 this time round it seems.
  13. Avatar
    One of the cheapest I've seen. £430 most places.

    These cost a fortune compared to the last gen and with the 5800x 3D beating it in games I'm pretty torn. One thing about the new 7000 series though is the upgrade pathh. Hmm
    Same dilemma here, 5800x 3D or 7k series, new mobo and new ram
  14. Avatar
    Very good processor but it’s not a good value first it is a very expensive to build a system with it a motherboard 300£ ddr5 another 200£  a good cooling solution … and so on ….
  15. Avatar
    I have a 3800X with a a320M Total cost probably £150 and that destroys pretty much anything I throw at it.

    There's just no intense game that is worth the update, just wait for the 7600X 3D
  16. Avatar
    Same price as a 12700K which is also faster (and a cheaper platform). Will very likely be beaten by an even cheaper 13600K amazon.co.uk/Int…c=1
    Intel Keynote
  17. Avatar
    Gonna wait till the benchmarks for 13th Gen Intel come out before pulling the trigger on new CPU, might be tempted by intel just so don't need to fork out for ddr5 RAM
    X3d will be out q1 next year
  18. Avatar
    This is the worst one of all the new ones according to HWUB the 5800x3d destroys it
    They said it was best for gaming of this new range. Due to best FPS and no real low value in the 7600x due to the 670 boards and high RAM price atm.
    It says "Taking the FPS crown" right in the video thumbnail :P
  19. Avatar
    Good gas guzzler type release during energy crisis
  20. Avatar
    AMD's answer to the cost of living crisis. Least you could recycle the GPU but why hold back if you want performance? For a decent rig you are looking at £1600+. New power supply too? DDR5 still very costly. Time for pause. Bios issues still not sorted.
    Top spec i would say 3k - 4k
  21. Avatar
    Intel fanboy pack is gathering
  22. Avatar
    Still haven’t built my 5900x system yet! Might become my secondary rather than primary system at this rate!
    I built on 5800x as 5900x where nowhere to be found. Hardly use the machine though. Just for occasional browsing, accessing files on its HDD and show off
  23. Avatar
    Looking good. Hot hot.
  24. Avatar
    Why max 128GB?I have 10+ year old systems with more!
    Because 99.9% of users don't need more than 16 GB, and 99.99% don't need more than 32 GB...
  25. Avatar
    That didn't take long.

    Word is AMD gave retailers plenty of room for margin on these. But the very early sales and consumer interest is way below expectations, so..
  26. Avatar
    Wait for Intel and these AMDs will drop in price big time
    Wait for 14th & 8000 series this is where it will heat up, wouldn't even touch 7000 too new socket and 13th end of socket, Intel need to come up with a socket that has years life in it and stop screwing us over on chipset generation.
  27. Avatar
    Overpriced as hell
  28. Avatar
    Ultimately, it's a good price for new tech. But, it's only really for people with money to burn.

    If I was building a new system, I'd be looking at the older 5000 series with the cheaper boards and RAM. You'd still get the majority of the fps for a lot less money.

    If money was no concern, you'd likely be looking at the 7900X/7950X.

    My 5900X isn't slowing down anytime soon
  29. Avatar
  30. Avatar
    Still rocking X58 with a Xeon X5675, don't get to use my system enough to warrant upgrading it but it certainly isn't slow.
  31. Avatar
    Code seems to be expired now
  32. Avatar
    I think with Intel’s upcoming chips AMD will be forced to rush and come up with some mid cycle upgrades + huge price drops for these,things are looking good for them.
  33. Avatar
    lol that's a terrible price