Proplus  £2.50 at Sainsburys

Proplus £2.50 at Sainsburys

Found 8th Dec 2013
Proplus caffeine tablets

However if you think 1 packet isn't enough and you haven't climbed the walls and been put in a mental institution first, then you need Waitrose/Ocado where, at still £2.50 a packet, you get 3 for the price of 2, 33% discount WOW

Proplus Knackered fact
It's been proven that if you've been awake for more than 18 hours your response levels can become 50% slower as fatigue and tiredness set in.

This can make a huge difference to your performance.

Some tiredness is self inflicted, and you're the only one who knows when you've just been taking on too much.

It is important to note, that PRO PLUS® cannot replace sleep, and should be used only occasionally for the relief of temporary tiredness.
Contains caffeine. Always read the label.

Going to get mine now............
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funny, i like it X)
Love it
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funny, i like it X)

Thank you, cant remember the last time I slept....with them and 10p/20p Red bull...I cannot remember the price read so many the cocktail sticks next to me....
Deffinatly going to need this! Especially with a newborn and flamedeer hunting on the same night!
May actually need this, thanks.
Not everyone else is sharing out same sense of humour, heat going cold.....:(
Ha ha!! Cool!
I need this, I'm flagging!
No flamdeer!!!!!!
Cold why say it in your title
Between Flamedeer hunting and free listing on Ebay, this weekend, I think I will be spending this Xmas in the nuthouse... only got 2 items put on Ebay as my head is in a mush.....up my @rse....on auto pilot now...(good job I'm not a pilot) I....oO
Was 3 for 2 in tesco store yesterday too

Cheaper in … Cheaper in Tesco

I apologise but only went off the information given by
Prices today at
Ocado£2.50 any 3 FOR 2 Valid until: 02/01

Waitrose£2.50 any 3 FOR 2 Valid until: 27/11…lus

I am only as good as the information I am given....


Boots£3.89 any 3 FOR 2

Superdrug£3.89SAVE 50% on any 2nd item

ASDA£3.45 any 3 FOR £10.00


I'll just stick to the meth
I've always thought ProPlus tabs were poor value. Still, even at £2.50 for 48 branded 50mg Caffeine pills, it's probably better to pay a few quid more on Amazon. £3.99, 100 x 200mg 'generics' off. More caffeine X)
Omg flameing hot
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