Prosecco for £6 a bottle @ Sainsbury's

Prosecco for £6 a bottle @ Sainsbury's

Found 1st Jun
it's getting hot and my girlfriend is already mumbling about having a glass of fizz.

Saintsbury's Taste the Difference is normally £10 a bottle but is currently priced at £8 with the option of getting an extra 25% off if you buy 6 bottles bringing it down to a delightful £6 a bottle.

mimosa anyone?


Not bad for Sainsburys but for summer my missus likes my home made sloe gin mixed with any cheapo sparkling cava (Lidl £1.29 a bottle). About 250ml of cava mixed with a good shot sloe gin = whats known as a sloegasm
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predictive text could have made that 1st sentence far more interesting

last time round you could also use a £15 off £60 spend (worked out under £5 a bottle) but they cancelled the extra discount on peoples orders....

This is a lovely prosecco - We've even bought it when not on offer!

Also look out for the Magnum bottles which (when the 75cl are £8.00) are priced @ £15... it just means you have to drink it in one go
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Why cold? Bloody cheapskates!

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