Prospects on Dvd £8.64 @ Network

Prospects on Dvd £8.64 @ Network

£8.64£14.9242%Networkonair Deals
Found 27th Oct 2017
Just found this searching through all their sale items. I didn't realise that it had been released, but loved this series as a kid. "Another day another dollar!"
Hope this helps some other people that remember this as fondly as I do.
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Always watched this show back in the 80's..... not sure how it stands up now though.
£7.20 and free delivery when you click on get deal.
Yeah remember this fondly. Just reading the wikipedia page about it and it should have had more series and didn't realise ITV repeated it.
A lot of this was filmed in the Isle of Dogs when it was a run down mess of derelicts houses and warehouses in the 80s. Now it's all riverside warehouse flats for bankers. Someone cut together all the scenes filmed on the iod below if you are a nostalgia buff for the area
Lived in bow at the time this was out and as Dewonderfull said it's great if you like Poplar in the 80s gives you an idea just how the docklands and surrounding areas have changed over the years...Great Program by the way
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